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Six Tips For Pulling Off A Realistic Kitchen Remodel

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When it comes to home remodeling, the kitchen is the most popular room in the house. More than 10 million kitchens are remodeled each year and one in 10 households does an annual kitchen remodel. All together, it’s estimated that 76% of homeowners change the style of their kitchen during a renovation project.
It’s not hard to see why kitchen remodeling is so popular. For many Americans, the kitchen is the most popular room in the house; a place where families come together to share good food and good times.
When it comes to pulling off the perfect kitchen remodeling project, the sky is the limit. You can add new countertops, new flooring, new appliances and put in new cabinets among other things. There are endless amounts of kitchen design ideas out there to look at and draw inspiration from as you begin your remodeling project.
Though there are many kitchen design ideas you can choose from, you’ll also want to take care with your project. With that in mind, here are som

Preventative Maintenance and Hiring the Right AC Company

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Getting your air conditioning repair in St. Petersburg can be like inhaling a breath of fresh air, especially in the hotter months. With the temperatures frequently climbing up over 90 degrees and the humidity rising over 50%, the conditions in this part of Florida can quickly become stifling. But you have to know what kinds of services you need before calling for air conditioning repair in St. Petersburg. You may be surprised at how much time and money an AC repair company can save you.

Take Advantage of Preventative Maintenance Services

An air conditioning repair in St. Petersburg is going to be able to provide services that can help shut down problems even before they begin. There are many problems, most, actually, that can be prevented with a little bit of maintenance and forethought. For example, if you need to get your filters cleaned, doing so in a timely fashion can help stop problems before they start. The filters play a huge role in the efficient and succ

Home Energy Bills Can Be Easily Reduced Why Residential Solar Energy Is More Affordable Than Ever

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Solar power is more accessible than you think.

It’s not a lofty concept that only a few can buy. Likewise, you don’t have to completely change how you live your life to enjoy it. Residential solar energy is slowly, but surely, becoming a staple in the United States. Millions of homeowners are reaping the benefits of renewable energy that leaves virtually no carbon footprint. Even better, they’re able to finally start redirecting excess costs to what they need the most.

Clean energy isn’t just for the future. It’s for the present. What could a solar panel fitting do to improve your life for the better?

The average American home is heavily burdened by energy expenses. Recent estimates believe heating and cooling costs make up 55% of annual utility bills! Not only is it the fault of outdated technology, it’s also an issue of outdated homes. Heat gain and heat loss through wi

How to Choose Gravel for Driveways

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If you’re looking to add rustic charm and and curb appeal to the front of your home, chances are you’ve considered a gravel driveway. Chosen for their offbeat look and upfront cost-effectiveness, gravel driveways can be a beautiful addition to any home, but it’s important that they be installed properly. Gravel driveways require more maintenance and more frequent replacement than their asphalt or concrete counterparts, but if they’re cared for properly, a gravel driveway can last up to 10 years. So, when selecting gravel for driveways, where do you start? You may be asking horself, “how small is driveway gravel?” In actuality, your gravel driveway is actually made up of three types of gravel. Today we’ll be discussing how to choose that gravel, and what that process looks like.

Layer One: Larger Gravel

The base layer of your gravel driveway will be the largest layer. Made up of baseball-sized gravel for driveways, #1 sized stones, approximately 4 inches in diamet

Here are 4 Ways to Protect Your Home from Radon Gas

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What is radon? You might not have heard about radon gas and radon testing before now, but it’s something all homeowners should be aware of. Radon gas is a substance that is created when naturally occurring uranium breaks down in rocks located deep underground and then slowly begins to move towards the surface. Minuscule amounts of radon in your home won’t hurt anything, but if the concentration is too high, then your health can be at risk. The Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today. For this reason alone, it’s important to take part in radon testing and inspection in your home to make sure there aren’t dangerous amounts of radon in your home. If radon testing and inspection reveals radon gas in your home, there are several ways you can keep your home safe, and this article will take

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems and Services that Work in All Buildings

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Heating and air conditioning are the most used utilities in the United States, with two-thirds of all homes having air conditioners while many also have central HVAC systems. Sometimes updates to heating and air conditioning can help reduce energy costs, even with ductwork allowing the loss of up to 40% of all cooling energy.

Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Starting at the beginning of the construction of any building the decision of things like ductwork along with heating and air conditioning need to be included in the overall design. During the architecture, the HVAC services are determined, along with the determination of the best HVAC contractor and system to be installed. Some of these decisions are based on the difference between commercial and residential construction, while some residential buildings are single family and others are multi-unit buildings.


3 Signs it Might Be Time for a New Roof

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Roof repairs can be a major expense, but that’s nothing in comparison to the cost of repairs that can occur if you experience leaking or rot as a result of a poorly-maintained roof. But how do you know when it’s time to replace your roof? There are several factors in play that you can look to when trying to consider if it’s time to call a roofer. If you’re experiencing any one of these issues, it might be worth giving a roofing company a call.

Issues With the Shingles

When looking at the overall health of your roof, your shingles are perhaps the most important diagnostic criteria that can’t be overlooked. There are several ways that shingles can begin to show age. If your shingles are curved, the shingle tabs are cupped, or if there are cracks or bald spots where shingles are broken or missing, it’s definitely time to give a roofing service a call. Shingle manufac

5 Irresistible Reasons to Turn to Solar Energy

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The supply of oil and natural gas is declining at a faster rate. The world is, therefore, looking for alternative sources of clean, efficient and renewable energy.

Currently, there are many sources of renewable energy. However, only one can meet our energy demands for many years to come; solar power. Making the shift will see you benefit from the abundant supply of the sun.

Because of this, the uptake of solar energy in the world grew by 29.3 percent with countries across the globe installing over 98.9 gigawatts of new solar energy. Here are the primary reasons why you should shift to solar energy today.

1. Solar Energy IS Good for the Environment

Solar represents a clean, efficient and green source of energy. It offers an effective solution to the ever-rising carbon footprint in the environment. Remember, the carbon footprint that results from burning fossil fuels is responsible for increasing greenhouse gases leading to climate change.


Before the Storm Hits Protect Your Family and Home Against Windstorms

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When it comes to natural disasters and emergencies, we learn how to stay safe at a very young age.

By the time we’re in elementary school, we know how to stop, drop, and roll in case of a fire. We also learn to stay away from large windows during a tornado and to stay indoors during a severe lightning storm.

But what about protection against windstorms ?

What do you do to minimize the risk and dangers?

Also, as we age, more factors come into play and you have to not only think about yourself in case of an emergency but also you home and family.

Continue reading to learn how to lower your wind vulnerability risk, before and after the storm hits.

Know what a windstorm entails

If you’ve never experienced a windstorm, they differ from varying degrees of intensity. To be as prepared as possible, learn what exactly a wind storm entails.

There are quite a few types, but here are the most popular.

The Prospect of Efficient window treatment installation

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The Prospect of Efficient window treatment installation

FYI, the demand for window coverings in the United States has been expected to reach an amount of $5.2 billion by the year 2021. If a window treatment installation is a critical matter for you, then you should know that if windows you own are more than 15 years old, you could potentially be dealing with things such as draftiness, windows that stick in the frames, and extremely high energy bills, which is the biggest no no of them all. Luckily, there can be solutions found in window treatment installation. About 30% of a houses’s heating energy is used through its windows, but a majority type of window treatments often result in the kind of savings that allow for window treatment installation to remain an efficient means of replacing old and lesser quality windows. Services such as window treatment installation can not only provide many U.S. homeowners with better windows in their house, but it can even manifest a g