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5 Irresistible Reasons to Turn to Solar Energy

The supply of oil and natural gas is declining at a faster rate. The world is, therefore, looking for alternative sources of clean, efficient and renewable energy.

Currently, there are many sources of renewable energy. However, only one can meet our energy demands for many years to come; solar power. Making the shift will see you benefit from the abundant supply of the sun.

Because of this, the uptake of solar energy in the world grew by 29.3 percent with countries across the globe installing over 98.9 gigawatts of new solar energy. Here are the primary reasons why you should shift to solar energy today.

1. Solar Energy IS Good for the Environment

Solar represents a clean, efficient and green source of energy. It offers an effective solution to the ever-rising carbon footprint in the environment. Remember, the carbon footprint that results from burning fossil fuels is responsible for increasing greenhouse gases leading to climate change.

Nothing about solar energy disturbs the Mother Nature. It doesn’t release greenhouse gases, making it safe and environmentally friendly. Installing solar panels on your roof is the best way to contribute to a healthy and sustainable future.

2. Solar Panels Allow You to Go Off-the-Grid

The solar financing program seeks to encourage many people to shift to solar energy. But why?

Traditional electricity relies on fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. Well, not only are fossil fuels bad for the environment, but they are on a sharp decline. This increases market volatility resulting in price fluctuations.

The solar panel installation process protects you from these price fluctuations. The sun never charges you anything and you’re certain that tomorrow, the sun will still rise, allowing you to get free energy throughout the day. Be sure to use off-grid energy storage batteries to store energy for the rainy days and at night.

3. Helps Minimize Loss of Energy

Traditional electricity requires extensive networks to transport energy from power plants to the end-consumer. Transmitting electricity over long distances leads to higher power loss.

That’s not the case with solar panels. Placing them on your rooftop increases efficiency due to the short distance. Even better, you’re in control of your energy usage and bills. The solar system is highly durable minimizing any chance of service interruption.

4. Solar can help you Afford Your Dream Home Improvement Project

Installing a solar system in your home allows you to design future improvements with this addition in mind. For example, you can consider a hot tub or swimming pool that uses renewable energy.

According to research by the National Resource Defense Council, pool owners pay $500 more every year in energy bills. So, why not reduce the cost by installing swimming pool solar heating systems?

Here, you’ll reduce your utility bills. Further, you’re likely to get tax credits from the government for going green.

5. Solar Systems Installation helps you to save on Cost

Yes, using solar energy requires you to part with some money to purchase solar panels and pay for installation costs. The initial cost is always a deterrence for many people. However, while the costs may seem high, it is a sound financial investment. Reason being, it will save you the money you’d spend on electricity bills every month. The amount you save will increase over the lifetime of this project.

Having your source of energy means you’re safe from fluctuating market prices. Additionally, you’ll get a tax credit for installing solar panels in your property. All these cost savings makes it easier to have the solar panel installation pay itself over time.


Spending money to invest in solar energy is a step towards your financial independence. It protects you from volatile electricity market rates. Since the supply of sun is consistent and predictable, you can be assured of getting energy daily. You can also buy a battery to store energy for rainy days or nighttime.

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