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The Cost of a Custom Closet

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A custom closet is a great way to improve your storage for exactly your needs. Custom closet contractors can increase the total space you have for storage and help you optimize the space you already have. It’s a great way to improve the organization in any room of your house. This video breaks down the factors that determine the price of building a custom closet.

The cost for each custom closet will be largely dependent on the features the buyer wants the closet to have. Since it is unique to each individual, there aren’t any generalities to be made about the overall cost. The contractor and homeowner need to sit down and design everything before a final quote can be reached.

One factor is the size of the project. A bigger project usually means a higher price. Of course, some of this is determined by the materials used, too. A bigger project may end up being less expensive than a smaller closet using high-end materials. Still, if you have a large closet you can expect a higher price tag.

If you use more expensive materials for the drawer and closet facings, but build the cases out of more affordable material, you can save a considerable amount of money on the final product. For more information, watch the video in the link above.


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