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Building a Property Fence

If you have ever asked the yourself “Do I need a fence for my house?” then follow these steps to build your own privacy fence on a budget.

The first step to installing a fence for your house is to outline the area you will be using with something like string. This will allow you to follow your pre-chosen guidelines to get the best end result.

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After your string line is put down, you want to mark out 8 foot sections for your 4×4 wood posts. You can use an auger to drill the holes into the ground, but if you don’t have one available, you can dig the holes yourself.

These holes should be around 2 feet deep and about 6-8 inches wide. When inserting the posts, you’re going to want to wet the hole and the bottom of the post before you pour in your concrete, leaving a couple inches of space at the top so you can cover up the concrete. It takes about 3 bags of concrete for every 2 posts. After you insert the posts, you’re going to mark a line 62 inches up on the posts.

Then you are going to start working with your 2×4 wood panels. These need to be drilled into the 4×4 posts that have been inserted into the ground. These panels should be placed evenly along the 4×4 posts and it’s okay that they aren’t all exactly level. You want them to follow the landscape and that means they will be somewhat uneven in some areas. If you follow these steps correctly you should be able to look at your end result and say “This is a great fence for my house!”


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