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How Old Is the Flooring in Your Kitchen?

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You spent hours getting the house ready. You cleaned every corner, washed every window, and even spent money to get the carpets cleaned. The only thing anyone really noticed, however, was the new flooring in the kitchen. While you spent your time trying to make the most of the spaces that you already had, but when your husband found that your family would be hosting all of siblings and his mother for Christmas he started on a major project. With just five weeks to complete it, he made the decision to tear up the old wood flooring and install a snap together bamboo flooring product that he had been considering.
The results were amazing and now he wants to tackle the space in the basement that needs new flooring as well. In all honesty, over the last five weeks the two of you spent about the same amount of time working to get the house ready for the holiday company, but his project definitely made a bigger impression.
Updating the Flooring in Your Home Gives Your Entire Space

Are You Worried About the Air Quality in Your Home?

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There are many gifts that parents can plan to give their children this holiday season, but few are as important as healthy air to breathe. Although kids may be the most excited about the latest toys that are on the market, the fact of the matter is that it is important to make sure that you are also offering your family the healthiest ait to breathe.
You do not always think about the need to improve indoor quality, but when you are in certain places it is difficult to ignore. You know, for instance, that at your home you have the ducts cleaned once a year and that you change the air filters on the HVAC system once a month. When you step into your mother’s home, however, you feel as if you can almost smell the mold and mildew.
The need to Improve indoor quality is important for the health and well being of all Americans, but it is especi

Improving the Cabinets in the Home

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Cabinets are among the most important features for storage and organization in the home, mainly in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom or any room that is dedicated to holding hobby and craft materials. A home will always come with cabinets, but sometimes they may fall apart, go out of fashion, or end up being too small for the homeowner’s storage needs. Or maybe the homeowner simply does not like the material used in a cabinet, such as the wood or the handles. Even extra features can be added to cabinets, such as combination locks, concealed hinges, a cabinet hanging rail, or new furniture paint. Related furniture and features such as drawers, dressers, and more can also get upgrades so storage is easier, safer, and more stylish. Anodized aluminum is another option for cabinets and other storage materials, and for those unfamiliar with anodized aluminum, learning about this material and the process of making it can be helpful. Between anodized aluminum, various wood species such as

Building a New Wooden Fence

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A suburban home has many parts to it that make it a place for living and work, and this includes the surrounding lawn, and working on the lawn is often known as landscaping. This can involve gardening, such as flowerbeds or a small pond, or it can involve construction such as a swimming pool, a gazebo, or a wooden fence. Wooden fencing is often considered a trademark of any complete, comfortable home in the suburbs or rural areas, and wood fencing can act not only as deterrents against stray dogs and burglars, but its height, style, paint job, and more can be customized to act as personal expression, and landscaping such as wooden fencing can easily boost a home’s resale value, making it a sound financial investment as well. Features such as wooden entrance gates, a privacy fence style, electric gates, and more can be had if a commercial fence contractor is hired, or a person with the right tools, materials, and know h

Trapping Gophers for Pest Control

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Pests generally defined as any animal whose behavior has no benefit to a community or piece of property, but instead damages it and acts as a nuisance due to its eating habits, its bites and nest formation, or antagonism toward people or pets. Some pests are small, such as cockroaches and ants, and bigger pests include such mammals as mice, rats, gophers, and squirrels. Even if they look harmless, the bites and destructive ways of these animals labels them as pests by most standards, but the good news is that there are ways to trap them, drive them away, or even kill them to prevent further problems. Ground squirrels traps, squirrel bait poison, and more are available from a gopher removal service or squirrel control services. How can one tell if gophers are present, or if squirrels are in the home? Ground squirrel traps and other baits and poisons are most effective after a pest population is found.

Gophers, Squirrels, and More

Pocket gophers come in some 34 different sp

Are You Starting a New Building Project at Your Home?

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Deck project 2018 is complete!
Your family has always used your backyard deck a lot, but it was a pitiful 10 foot by 10 foot and showing its 13 year age. In addition, it was no longer up to code. The decision to replace the old deck with a beautiful 12 foot by 22 foot deck, adding a pergola to provide some needed shade on the south facing side of the house. Instead of wood, the new deck is made of energy efficient green building materials that require literally no maintenance. As soon as it was completed you began to enjoy more meals and wine nights on the new deck. The finished product is beautiful and its completion was a combination of your husband’s hard work and a deck professional’s guidance.
Energy Efficient Green Building Materials Continue to Grow in Popularity
More and more consumers are demanding home construction materials that are both energy efficient and respons