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How Old Is the Flooring in Your Kitchen?

You spent hours getting the house ready. You cleaned every corner, washed every window, and even spent money to get the carpets cleaned. The only thing anyone really noticed, however, was the new flooring in the kitchen. While you spent your time trying to make the most of the spaces that you already had, but when your husband found that your family would be hosting all of siblings and his mother for Christmas he started on a major project. With just five weeks to complete it, he made the decision to tear up the old wood flooring and install a snap together bamboo flooring product that he had been considering.

The results were amazing and now he wants to tackle the space in the basement that needs new flooring as well. In all honesty, over the last five weeks the two of you spent about the same amount of time working to get the house ready for the holiday company, but his project definitely made a bigger impression.

Updating the Flooring in Your Home Gives Your Entire Space a New Look
There are a number of new low maintenance flooring products on the market that can make your house look its best. From installing snap together bamboo flooring to other alternatives to alternative to traditional hardwood floors, new products come n a variety of colors and styles. With such a wide variety, it is easy to find a way to get the look that you want. The latest snap and lock flooring, for instance, is a great way to make sure that you can do the installation yourself instead of having to pay a contractor.

Consider this information about the flooring market and some of the most popular remodeling projects that can help add both beauty and value to your home:

  • The U.S. flooring industry reported growth of 3.2% in volume and 3.85% in dollars from last year.
  • Total flooring sales in 2017 covered 19.736 billion square feet.
  • Total flooring sales in 2017 reached $21.990 billion.
  • Hardwood trees can take as long as twenty years or more to reach maturity.
  • Bamboo is created from vegetation that is natural, and the plant itself is a highly renewable resource that grows to maturity in as little as three to five years.

The latest engineered bamboo flooring reviews indicate that there are more and more property owners who are looking at this option as a way to upgrade many spaces in their homes. If you are ready to make a change that will have a huge impact, flooring is a very popular option. Making the decision to install snap together bamboo flooring can help you create the look that you want.

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