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Winter Takes A Toll On Your Home’s Comfort How To Eliminate Heat Loss With A New Pair Of Drapes

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With the weather getting colder and your home starting to creak with age, it’s high time you started thinking about some new house additions. Your windows are a good place to start!

Not just replacing your windows, but adding better curtains and blinds to control how light enters your home. Lighting is a complex subject for many homeowners, able to bring out the best in furniture as well as the worst in furniture depending on how you go about it. This goes for that new chandelier you’re thinking of adding in the kitchen and it goes for the motorized blinds you affix over your living room windows. When good natural light can affect everything from your mood to the quality of your sofa and rug, this is one area you’ll want to brush up on now so you can reap the benefits over the winter.

What kind of treatments will suit your home best and why? Find out with the list below.

It’s Time To Toss Out Your Old Shutters And Drapes

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