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Building a New Wooden Fence

A suburban home has many parts to it that make it a place for living and work, and this includes the surrounding lawn, and working on the lawn is often known as landscaping. This can involve gardening, such as flowerbeds or a small pond, or it can involve construction such as a swimming pool, a gazebo, or a wooden fence. Wooden fencing is often considered a trademark of any complete, comfortable home in the suburbs or rural areas, and wood fencing can act not only as deterrents against stray dogs and burglars, but its height, style, paint job, and more can be customized to act as personal expression, and landscaping such as wooden fencing can easily boost a home’s resale value, making it a sound financial investment as well. Features such as wooden entrance gates, a privacy fence style, electric gates, and more can be had if a commercial fence contractor is hired, or a person with the right tools, materials, and know how can launch a do it yourself project to create the perfect fence. Should wood fencing be built oneself or through a company for residential fence installation?

Business of Fences
Fencing of all kinds, including wooden fencing, brings in good money. In the United States, the market for fencing reached a value of around $7 billion in 2016, and it is predicted to reach a huge $11.5 billion by the year 2024. And from 2012 to 2017, the American fencing market grew 6.2% each year, showing that there is plenty of interest in fences as properties are built or moved into, and there are plenty of reasons for a private homeowner to want one set up. How can a homeowner decide if to get a fence, and if so, what kind?

Building Wood Fencing and More

The owner of a private home and similar estate may choose to set up a wood fence or other type of fence for several reasons. Safety is one: sometimes, burglars are deterred by a high, wooden or brick fence that has no handholds or other ways to climb, and the same is true of stray dogs, or more exotic animals such as bears, depending on the area where the homeowner lives. Privacy is another; based on personal preference, a homeowner may want a wooden or brick fence set up to block other people’s view of the property from ground level. However, such fences block the homeowner’s view of the surrounding properties and landscape, and in an attractive area, this can be a considerable drawback, robbing a homeowner of the nice view.

Wooden fencing is best for anti burglary and privacy, while chain link fencing is the opposite. It is easy to climb, and anyone can see through it, but in an area with great views and minimal safety concerns, chain link is the best option for these reasons, and it may be cheaper.

If a homeowner does elect to get a wooden fence, the owner must either install it alone, or hire a contractor. Contracts will be expensive to hire, but they have all the tools and equipment they need, especially for if the property’s soil is thin and there is rock or clay underneath that interferes with digging fence post holes. But if the soil is easy to dig into and has no serious hazards, the homeowner can install the fence alone and save some money. Either way, underground cables and pipes should be taken into account before anyone starts digging fence post holes, so consulting local ordinance is the correct route to take, along with city codes on how high a fence can be built, or if a fence can even be built at all. It may also be the case that wood fencing is not allowed, or brick is not allowed, but chain link is. In the case where wooden fencing is indeed built, the homeowner can choose from different types of wood for endurance and aesthetic reasons, and gates should be installed for the front walkway and/or the driveway. Such gates can be either on hinges, or can be mechanized, and connected to a remote that the owner can operate to open and close a heavy gate when desired.

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