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You’re Sure to Light Up When You Hear What a Lighting Professional Can Do For You

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Bad lighting can have a major impact on a home. Poor lighting can make rooms feel dreary or smaller and can reduce productivity in those rooms as well. You may wind up spending more money to get free standing lamps to illuminate an area of your house that you use often but that had bad original lighting. The 2016 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study found almost half of homeowners who were renovating said that good lighting was the most important feature in a master bathroom and according to the 2017 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, almost 85% of homeowners who are redoing their kitchens are upgrading or replacing lighting fixtures. Regardless of the room, you want to think about its function and what kind of lighting it needs — ambient, task, or accent lighting. Creating a lighting brands list can be helpful for visiting lighting stores or talking to lighting professionals.

Some Illuminating Information You Should Know

There are three main types of lighting for the inside of a home. The first is ambient lighting, which can help set the mood and provides general illumination for the space. Natural light from windows often plays a huge role in ambient lighting during the daytime. Task lighting is set to help us get our work done. For example, in the kitchen, recessed lights might be under your cabinets, so you can get a good view of what you’re chopping or preparing. Reading lamps are another type of task lighting. Accent lighting is designed to highlight certain areas or spaces. For example, if you have a lovely piece of art or you want to showcase your glassware, accent lighting can help draw the eye there.

However, you want to choose your lighting wisely. It takes up about 7-10% of the total energy in a home. Fluorescent bulbs tend to be about five times more energy efficient compared to incandescent or halogen bulbs, which is worth bearing in mind when you’re thinking about.

Who Can Help Me With Lighting for Projects I Want to Tackle?
For a major lighting redesign, you’ll definitely want to consult with a lighting professional. He or she will often have contacts with lighting companies and be able to suggest a lighting brands list that fits with the style you’re looking for. A lighting designer can also identify what needs to change with your current lighting and how to fix problems of poor lighting or excess lighting.

Furthermore, a good lighting designer will know the latest building codes, any environmental issues, and the business intimately, as well as the more creative side when it comes to optics, ergonomics, and your vision for the space to create a beautiful, well-lit space that you can enjoy.

Lighting designers can also help keep your budget on track — and help you establish the budget in the first place. They’ll know how much the equipment and installation will cost and will solicit competitive bids to ensure that you get the best price.

How Do I Create a Lighting Brands List?

You’ll of course want to talk to your lighting designer to see what he or she has come up with. But doing a little of your own research won’t hurt either. Perusing home improvement magazines or even periodicals that focus on lighting can help you create a lighting brands list of equipment and fixtures that you love the look of. Consulting with your lighting designer will allow you to meld these styles together to create a seamless final product. And, it gives your designer a better idea of the style you’re going for.

It also doesn’t hurt to ask friends or acquaintances whose taste you admire what brand their lighting is when you’re compiling your lighting brands list — imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all!

Don’t put up with poor lighting that can ultimately have negative consequences on your eyesight or ability to carry out tasks. If you’re considering renovating, add “better lighting” to the list and seek the help of a lighting professional for the best result.

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