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Are You Making Wise Choices About the Lighting Decisions in Your Home?

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You love everything about your new house, except for the lighting. Unfortunately, while you were busy making paint choices for wall colors, flooring options, and other cosmetic choices, you failed to take enough time considering the options from the lighting company. You spent plenty of money on the cosmetic upgrades for your new 3100 square foot home, but you did not make the same upgrade decisions about the lighting in your home. By simply taking the builder specification choices, without even considering upgrades, you failed to make the easy choices that would have been able to increase the task lighting throughout your home.
The top lighting brands that were shown on the showroom may have been part of the distraction, but you take full blame for how the lighting in your home turned out. You are now working with a lighting company and a trusted electrician to see if there are any corrections that can be made. Corrections that would have been far more affordable at the time the house was built, but changes that need to be made now to improve the overall lighting in your home.
Modern Recessed Lighting Can Affordably Increase Task Lighting in Any Room
High end lighting brands offer many options, but it is always important to remember the needed function and the importance of task lighting. Consider these facts and figures about the lighting industry and the lighting choices that home and business owners need to make:

  • Layers of light need to be considered. There is an overall light that is typically addressed, but too many home owners forget to also thing about ambient and task lighting.
  • Estimates indicate that lighting accounts for 7% to 10% of the total energy consumed in homes. It is important to make sure that energy serves its purpose. Nothing is more frustrating than high energy bills and rooms that are not well lit.
  • Task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting are three basic types of lighting for the interior of the home. Home owners who remember to make choices based on all three of these types are happier with the end results.

  • The finest contemporary lighting might look great in the showroom, but it is important to make sure that any feature you purchase is functional in your home.
  • Having a consultant when you visit a lighting company showroom can help you make sure that you always consider function, even when you are looking for fashionable pieces.
  • Estimates from home owners upgrading their kitchen lighting indicate that 70% are adding recessed lights; 71% are installing undercabinet lights; 58% are choosing pendant lights, according to the 2017 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study.
  • Recessed lighting options are especially easy to install at the time of construction.
  • Evening lighting needs to be considered.

  • Both size and height matter when you are making choices at a lighting company. For instance, a beautiful fixture that is too small for the space will not function as intended. Likewise, It is important to consider having light at the correct height. A standing light fixture in a piano room, for example, needs to be tall enough to shed light on the keys.
  • Every decision that is made about lighting installation can make a difference. Semi flush lights, for instance, should hang down at least one foot from the ceiling. Pendant lights in the kitchen, however, should hang 36 to 48 inches from the top of the counter.

  • Light in a home changes throughout the day. Shadows, for instance, can create dark spaces during some hours. Remembering to plan lighting for those shadows is important.
  • Interior designers often taut the advantages of dimmer switches that allow you to create several different lighting settings with little effort.
  • Giving the most light to the most important part in a room is important. For instance, The brightest spot in the dining room should be the table. Installing a chandelier or pendant above the table can draw people in.
  • Home improvement projects often focus on colors and patterns in an attempt to create an atmosphere that is attractive and welcoming. In all cases, lighting can help highlight those choices.
  • The decisions that you make about lighting in your home are some of the most important decisions that you make.

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