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Four Important Inspections After Moving into a House

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Did you recently purchase a home? Are you still getting settled and moving all of your belongings in? In addition to organizing and unpacking, it is also smart to test our and provide maintenance to certain areas of your home. Completing these preventative maintenance steps early on will ensure that your home is in the best possible working order. These are some of the home inspection and maintenance projects that you should complete as soon as possible.

Radon and air quality testing
Many homeowners are surprised to learn that home inspections during the buying process do not include radon and air quality testing. Although there are minimal radon levels that are allowed, many homes are actually above this limit. Before you are entirely moved into your new house, consider scheduling a full radon and air quality test. These tests are easier to complete when you are not yet living in the house, so scheduling it while you are still moving can be helpful. If radon removal services are required, you can prolong your move just a little longer.

Plumbing inspections and routine drain cleanings
It is possible that you had a plumbing inspection before moving into the house. However, just because there are no major plumbing problems present does not mean that you do not need to complete any plumbing preventative maintenance. You should complete all drain cleanings and even hire a plumber to snake out all of the lines. Plumbing snakes are much cheaper than dealing with a large plumbing emergency, so it is best to start fresh. Always opt for affordable plumbing options when available.

Clean out and change all air filters
When you keep the same air filters and fail to clean out your air ducts, you are breathing in the smells and dust of the previous owners. You can start fresh by scheduling a full air duct cleaning and changing all of your air filters. Most HVAC filters need to be changed every one to three months anyway, according to You don?t know when the previous owners last changed the air filters, so it is best to just change them when you move in.

Schedule a full HVAC company inspection
Your heating and cooling are important parts of your house. Before the cold of the winter or the heat of the summer comes around, have your heating and cooling professionally checked out by a local HVAC company. If you need any HVAC repairs, this will be cheaper than having to entirely replace your HVAC unit. An inspection by your local HVAC company can inform you if you need any repairs and can give you an estimate of how long until the unit will have to be replaced.

An HVAC inspection can also improve the efficiency of the unit. Without a property HVAC system working in tandem with a well insulated home, energy efficiency can plummet by as much as 30%. This can result in a 30% increase in your heating and cooling bills. Additionally, you are more at risk of being left in the cold when you do not keep up with your HVAC unit. According to some HVAC company experts, up to 75% of no heat calls in the winter are related to a lack of maintenance.

Moving into a new home can be exciting. You finally have a place to call your own. However, it can also bring about a lot of surprises, as you do not know the previous ownership or maintenance of the house. It is best to inspect all of the important elements of the house including the HVAC unit, plumbing, and air quality. When you schedule immediate inspections and maintenance, you can avoid expensive surprises down the road.

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