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How To Reduce Your Electric Bill During the Hottest Days of the Year

electricity providerOf all the electricity produced in the United States, air conditioners use approximately 5%. This is especially true during the Summer months when electricity bills can skyrocket due to increased time inside in order to stay cool.

So how can you cut down on your electricity bill during the dog days when turning off your air conditioning could mean sweating through your clothes? The following is a list of ideas to keep your electric utility down and your energy solutions up during the hottest days of the year.

  1. Use Fans Instead of Air Conditioning
    While fans still use your electricity, they’re more friendly toward your electric company than the air conditioner. Instead of blasting the AC, consider turning it on the lowest setting and circulating the air using fans.

    The breeze will help you stay cool even if the temperature is warmer. Additionally, if you live somewhere with cooler nights, consider keeping your fans on in the window when you go to bed and turn off the AC.
  2. Use Shade To Your Advantage
    Your house or apartment can easily become a sauna if you consistently leave the blinds and curtains open. While the sunshine may seem great initially, it can heat your apartment which will rack up your electric bill when you’re forced to turn on the air conditioner. Blinds and curtains can help cool your home a few degrees by keeping the rooms shaded from the sun, which means less money put into your AC.
  3. Go Outside
    While it may be tempting to stay inside during hot Summer days, staying inside can increase your utilities. You’ll be more likely to use electronics out of boredom and keep the air conditioning blasting while you relax should you stay inside for long periods of time.

    By going outside more during the Summer, not only will you be increasing your intake of Vitamin D from the sun, which is beneficial to your health with proper sunscreen, but you’ll also be reducing your use of electronics and therefore reducing your electric bill. Not to mention many public places have their own air conditioning and so you’ll be able to stay cool without having to use your own.
  4. Routinely Check Your Electricity Provider
    Your electricity provider may also be costing you money during the Summer months as well as the rest of the year if you’re not using the right company for you. Consider taking the time during the Summer months to do an energy comparison between companies and to talk to clients of another electricity provider. By routinely checking that you’re getting the best deals regarding your electric utility, you’ll save money in the long run.

Staying cool during the Summer can be challenging, but so can saving money on your utilities. Consider using these tips to your advantage.

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