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When You Might Need a Foundation Repair Service

Older homes can suffer from deteriorating foundations, especially in areas that have many storms or floods. A foundation repair service works specifically with these issues to helo your home stay safe and on solid ground. Here is a quick explanation about how they might work on your home.

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You might identify your broken foundation by seeing a crack in the concrete in your basement. This can happen even with the thickest of concrete if it is not footed correctly when poured. If your water drains downhill, it will also freeze and expand around the foundation, putting additional pressure through the years. Your servicer will identify these issues and then begin to work on your home.

They will take a grinder to help even out the surface. Then the epoxy will be applied to stabilize the wall in its position. This can take a bit of time to dry, typically about two days. Once it’s done, you won’t have to worry about your foundation anymore.

You can call contractors in your area to see if they offer foundation repair services. Don’t skimp on your servicer! This is one of the most important long-term home improvements you can make.


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