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Project Start to Finish by an Inground Pool Contractor

Building your backyard dream pool is an incredible experience. It’s a significant investment home feature that will transform a boring yard into fun and exciting living spaces. Get the construction permits and finalize on the pool layout.

Steps Inground Pool Contractor Follow in Building Your Backyard Pool

Step 1: Site Preparation, Pool Layout and Excavation The construction crew will prepare the site in readiness for excavation. They’ll remove unwanted objects to gain access to the dig area, then dig and remove soil from the site.

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Step 2: Pool Plumbing: is done after the pool walls are erected and the lines should be buried about 2 feet underground. Professional plumber will design the best layout for the piping and equipment to ensure proper water circulation, filtration and ease of maintenance.

Step 3: Shotcrete Installation ensures your pool is strong and watertight. The shotcrete formula contains high amount of cement and a lower amount water to form a dry mixture that is applied to pool walls.

Step 4: Waterline Tile Installation are necessary for both aesthetics and maintenance. It impacts the overall visual impact of your pool.

  • Step 5: Site Grading – Compaction – Concrete deck installation
  • Step 6: Landscaping, Irrigation and Fencing
  • Step 7: Plaster Installation

There are a lot of considerations that go into building your dream backyard pool. A professional inground pool contractor will help you actualize that dream in line with up to date zoning and building restrictions.


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