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Maintaining a Garage Door

Your garage door and opener get used almost every day, meaning regular maintenance is important to keep them working properly. Here is what you need to know to make sure your garage door operates without any issues.

Test the door balance by closing the door and disconnecting the carriage from the chain or belt by pulling the release handle. The door should lift manually now. About twice a year, inspect the garage door operation.

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Has it become louder than usual? Does it operate with a smooth or jerky motion? Do the parts appear to be in even alignment?

Garage doors hardware needs periodic inspection for signs of wear and tear. Check the garage door tracks and hinges. Use a socket wrench or screwdriver as needed to tighten any loose bolts or fasteners on moving parts. Inspect for wear on any garage door rollers that are not attached to the lift cable system; steel rollers will show worn bearings and may look lopsided, while nylon rollers tend to crack as they age. Purchase and install replacement rollers as needed. Look for wear in the lift cables attached to the door. You may see excessive rust, deterioration or broken strands in the cables. If they look worn, call for service.

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