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Did You Know A Good Carpet Can Reduce Allergens In Your Home?

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What do you consider the most enjoyable aspect when it comes to renovating your home? Is it finding a new pair of drapes to match the couch and coffee table you bought last weekend? Or are you interested in giving your garden shed a new coat of paint? When it comes to wood floor patterns, not only can you give your home an invigorating mahogany or oak upgrade, you can even reduce your heating bills and make your house cleaner than ever before! The benefits of carpet installation are numerous and have had homeowners all across the country turning to ceramic tile and carpet textures as their go-to project this year. Let’s look at what makes new floor installation so special, the preferences of the average homeowner and how your home can stand to benefit from a new carpet or hardwood floor!

What Do Homeowners Look For?

While every homeowner has their own unique tastes and interests, there are a few things everybody wants out of their home no matter what! A recent survey found that nearly 40% of homeowners want to carpet their master bedroom, while nearly half of all homeowners in another survey prefer hardwood flooring over conventional tiling methods. Considering your floor literally provides the foundation of a beautiful home, it’s not surprising this is so high on people’s priority list! There are a bevy of wood floor patterns to choose from, as well, giving the most artistically inclined more inspiration than they could ever hope for. Choosing between a carpet and a hardwood floor will all depend on your personal tastes and needs.

Should I Do Carpet Or Hardwood?

It’s not easy deciding which flooring to pick when there are so many options to choose from! In the end, it all boils down to how much maintenance you want, what appearance suits your home best and how much you want to spend in the long run. While tile covers a quarter of homeowner’s homes, 90% of homeowners prefer hardwood floor to carpet due to its beautiful appearance and low maintenance. However, a good carpet can more easily retain warmth (say goodbye to that expensive heating bill) and even reduce the amount of allergens in the air!

What Are The Benefits Of Floor Installation?

Installing a new floor is more than just looking nice — it can reduce your cleaning expenses and even clear your air for a more welcoming and lovely home. An ongoing study in Sweden found that carpets can reduce allergens significantly, with a 70% decrease in carpet usage seeing a whopping 30% increase in allergies over a lengthy period of time. If you’re sensitive to pollen, dander, dust or mold then buying a new carpet will both increase the value in your home as well as bolster your health. Now that you know a little more about wood floor patterns and the health benefits of a good carpet, who should you contact to start upgrading your home?

Who Do I Call For Carpet And Flooring Installation?

Once you’ve decided between a new hardwood floor or lush new carpet (or both!), you’ll have to find a carpet and flooring installation professional to put it all together. They’ll decide on the type of wood flooring that matches your home or the thickness of your carpet — carpet padding can be as thin as 1/4 of an inch and as thick as 1/2 an inch, depending on how much you want to clean and how much warmth you want to retain in the home. While installing a new floor can be expensive now, it will save you both money and time down the road. Open up your local directory and see how you can renovate your home with some beautiful wood floor patterns today!

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