Three Beneficial Reasons to Consider an HVAC Replacement

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One of the greatest benefits of a home is controlling the temperature. The feeling of air conditioning hitting your skin on a warm day is a great feeling. On average, an air conditioner will last about 10-15 years. At some point, nearly every homeowner will need to make the call for an HVAC system replacement. Many homeowners are surprised to find out the savings a new HVAC system provides. In this post, you will learn three ways replacing your HVAC system saves money.
  • Lowers Heating and Cooling Bills
    One thing that older air conditioning units are known for is causing high utility bills. Homeowners already have to pay plenty of bills per month. Homes with large families may find that the monthly budget is being stretched to the minimum. You don’t want to break the bank trying to keeping your home at an optimal temperature. No one wants to pay hefty costs to keep their home cooled. New air conditioning systems use nearly 50% less energy than models used in 1990. It’s imperative to call a professional HVAC company if you’re heating and cooling equipment is over 10 years old.

  • Great for Finding if Leaks are Present
    You could have a duct leak in your home without knowing about it. It’s best to have a heating and cooling repair company check your homes for leaks. One study finds that leaky ducts account for 20-40% energy loss regardless of the air conditioner’s age. Having a professional inspect and install new equipment ensure no leaks remain within your home.

  • Installation of More Efficient Equipment
    An older HVAC system is prone to repeat repair calls. It might save you more money to have an AC repair company do a full unit replacement. New HVAC systems must adhere to strict guidelines, making them far more efficient than older models. What makes energy efficient models great is that they are more than capable of heating and cooling your home while using less power.

In closing, there are several ways that an HVAC replacement saves homeowners money. You will likely find that a new heating and cooling system will bring down utility bills. In some cases, there are leaks that occur throughout air ducts in a home. Leaking ducts can cause temperature controlled air to escape. Having air escape out of the home leads to having to run HVAC system around the clock. The more you use older air conditioning systems, the higher monthly utility bills are. It’s best to make the switch to a more efficient HVAC unit to see these bills drastically decrease.

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