Septic Tank Pumping What Does It Entail?

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What is a Septic Tank?

A septic tank is a chamber underground where domestic sewage flows to be decomposed and then drained. In this tank, bacterial activity helps to break down waste before it moves on. They are generally used in more rural areas where there aren’t large city sewer systems to manage waste. They are made from fiberglass, plastic, or concrete and involve a network of pipes that let waste flow in and out.

How Often Do Septic Tanks Need Pumped?

You will want to make getting this process done a regular thing. It’s good to get your septic tanks pumped and cleaned every few years, although smaller tanks may need it more often. The smallest ones may need it every year. If you’re noticing your plumbing acting funny (running slower or backing up), there’s a chance that your septic tank is backed up and needs to be pumped. Lack of regular septic tank treatment can lead to issues like waterborn diseases and sewage backup in your home, so this is not something you want to slack on.

How Does Septic Tank Pumping Work?

When you get your septic tank pumped your tank is attached to a large vacuum truck by a long hose. This vacuum truck sucks out liquid sludge from the tank, clearing it out so that it can function properly. This is important, because if too much sludge builds up then waste can’t be broken down quick enough and soon you will be having the issues mentioned above. It’s also good to get your tank cleaned, which is a more thorough version of this process that gets rid of both liquids and solids. It’s a relatively simple process, but definitely one that is important.

How Do You Get Septic Tank Treatment?

Septic tank treatment is easy to arrange. All you have to do is look up septic tank service companies near you and schedule a pumping or cleaning. They will come out and handle all of the work for you. Give them a call today, especially if you’re not sure when your tank was last pumped. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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