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Worried About A Pest Infestation? Here Are Some Simple Tips To Keep Your House Safe

Termite control process

Got a pest control problem? There’s a cure for that! Whether it’s termites tearing up your foundation or mice finding new and inventive ways to chew up your wires, it seems like every day there’s a new and infuriating mess at the hands of the crawlies and critters we share this planet with. Thankfully there are a bevy of household pest control methods that can keep these annoyances at bay and get you back to living your day-to-day life. Let’s look below at general household pest control, simple measures you can take to discourage pests and who you should call when it gets out of hand!

Did You Know?

Pests infest countless American households every single day, which means pest control services find themselves up to their neck in requests and questions! A national study saw a stunning 82% of U.S. homes filled with mouse allergens, which is nothing to say of similar infestations like termites, ants, spiders and rats! Thanks to the vast size of America and its incredible biological diversity, there are a host of problems that can crop up at any second. Fortunately, there are household pest control methods available to cure what ails you.

How Is American Pest Control?

Americans all over the country routinely call for pest control solutions, such as rodent control or termite removal, so they can avoid damage to their house or potentially infected or poisonous bites or stings. Some estimates have seen over $2 billion spent every year on controlling or preventing termite infestations alone, so you can imagine how expensive it is when you take into account other insects and rodents!

What Are Termites?

Termites are insects that breed at an incredible rate and have a knack for chewing and breaking down wood. The queen of a certain termite species can lay a whopping 40,000 eggs every day! At least 15% of all brand new homes will have serious structural defects and damages caused by termites or similar species, which means termite control options are necessary to keep your home in tip-top shape. Think you see a cluster of eggs? Don’t take your chances with it and toss it out!

What Are Fire Ants?

Throw away conventional ideas about cute little black ants carrying home food for dinner. Fire ants are a particularly nasty and tenacious breed that infest as many as 14 states in the southern portion of the U.S., with scientists estimating there are 1.5 million ants on the planet for every human being! They have a rather painful bite and the sight of any should prompt you to get your children somewhere safe until it’s solved. Similar problems include roaches, which are known to spread at least 33 different kinds of bacteria and six different kinds of parasitic worms. Pest control is nothing to sneeze at!

What Are Household Pest Control Methods?

There are little everyday habits you can do to reduce the possibilities of pests. The most obvious tip is to make sure your doors and windows have hardy screens, to better prevent insects from flying or crawling in. This is particularly bad during the summer, when people want fresh air and doors and windows are often left swinging in the breeze! Make sure to regularly throw away your garbage and don’t leave any food laying around in the house. Last, but certainly not least — do your dishes! A build-up of wet food is a breeding ground for fruit flies. If you find yourself with an infestation that can’t be controlled, a pest control process can help you out any day of the week!

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