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Why Cedar Siding is a Great Option for Your Home

When the time comes to replace the siding on your home, it is relatively easy to be overwhelmed with the amount of choices available. There are so many different kinds of siding that can be installed by roofing contractors, that choosing one that is better than another might seem impossible. However, when considering what kind of siding to install on your home, you should definitely consider cedar siding when it comes to the decision of siding replacement. Cedar is an ideal choice for siding installation and there are many reasons why you should choose cedar instead of a more conventional material like vinyl siding. Keep reading this article to see the reasons why you should choose cedar siding over vinyl siding.

  • Cedar Siding is Good for the Environment: One of the biggest reasons why you should choose cedar siding instead of vinyl siding for your home is because cedar is much better for the environment. Lumber is minimally processed and consists of over 40 percent of building materials. Since cedar siding is made from natural lumber, it won’t contribute to the waste and pollution threatening to overtake the environment. Vinyl siding is made from a form of plastic, and plastic takes millions of years to break down and will remain in landfills for years. Cedar, however, is all natural and even when it is replaced it will quickly break down and decay.
  • Cedar Siding is the Popular Choice: Another reason to ask the roofing contractors to install cedar siding on your home is because cedar siding is currently the most popular choice for wood siding. Cedar siding creates a natural look for a home that is highly prized by many homeowners. If you’re looking for the popular choice, look no further than cedar siding.
  • Longevity of the Product: Another important reason to choose cedar siding for your home is the longevity of the product. One of the downfalls of vinyl siding is that it has a tendency to not last very long. All it can take is one bad storm, even a bad wind storm, and vinyl siding can be ripped from the house with little to no warning. Cedar siding, on the other hand, can last for a very long time. In fact, if properly maintained, cedar siding can last upwards of 75 years. Proper maintenance would include applying a fresh coat of paint, sealer, or stain every three to seven years to help preserve the wood. This means that, while you might need roofing contractors to replace vinyl siding two or three times, or possibly more, during the time you live at a house, cedar siding might only need to be installed once and that’s all. Aside from regular maintenance you would not need to have new siding installed again during your lifetime.
  • Lower Cost of Installation: Another important reason to have cedar siding installed in your home by roofing contractors is that it can cost less. Cedar wood, in general, is less expensive to purchase and install than synthetic materials like vinyl siding. Since installing siding for a home can be an expensive process, it’s important to save money in any way that you can, which means that the smart choice is to choose a less expensive material like cedar for your home’s siding.
  • No Fading Over Time: Another weakness of vinyl siding, and one of the reasons it needs to be replaced over time is that vinyl fades out after lengthy exposure to sunlight and the elements. This means that, after certain number of years, vinyl siding simply won’t look good anymore and you’ll have no choice but to replace it. On the other hand, natural cedar siding doesn’t have this problem, since it’s a durable wood and won’t fade out like vinyl as long as it is properly maintained by the homeowners.

In conclusion, there are a number of reasons why you should have cedar siding installed on your home instead of vinyl siding. Cedar siding is good for the environment, less expensive, and it lasts for a long time. Cedar siding is the optimal choice for your home.

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