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Why Buy When You Can Rent Equipment? Planning Your Next Birthday Or Baby Shower

Heavy equipment repair

Planning a wedding, birthday or an outdoor event? There’s no need to spend excess money (and excess stress!) investing in expensive furniture and decorations. Equipment rental companies are a reliable and flexible resource for people of all shapes and sizes, offering everything from scaffolding to outdoor party rentals to help you with any project. With their varied warranties and wide selection, you can avoid the stress that comes with cleaning up messes and storing old items at the end of the day. Whether you work in the construction industry or are just looking for materials to supplement your latest get-together, consider looking into outdoor party rentals to get the most bang for your buck.

Common Rules Of Thumb

Let’s figure out if equipment rental companies are right for you. The construction industry commonly considers a piece of equipment unnecessary if it’s not used more than 60% or 70% of the time. Renting circumvents high prices in favor of a wide selection that can only be used when it needs to be. You can also choose certain spans of time — construction equipment, for example, can be rented for any length of time depending on the needs of the renter. Some places will offer as little as one day to as long as a single year! When it comes to the type of events, rental companies across the country are well-versed in many different types.

Parties And Events

America is host to many different celebrations, meaning equipment rental companies truly have their work cut out for them on any given day of the week. From sweet sixteens to Bar Mitzvahs, many people need tables and chairs to fill out their spaces and create an event to remember. Thankfully, equipment rental companies have an incredible stock that only grows as demand does. Rental chairs can be as low as $2 a piece or less, which is nothing to say of additional factors such as linen clothes, signs, napkins, forks, tables and nets. You can even rent more complex equipment like barbecues and light fixtures for the more extravagant get-togethers!

Birthdays And Barbeques

Believe it or not, it doesn’t take a lot of work to create a fun time for everyone — just a little forethought and planning! Your standard bouncy castle only takes 15 to 20 minutes to set up, with an inflation time under five minutes or so. They can house over 12 children in the most common 15×15 foot inflatable type and are a fantastic source of fun for everybody involved. Make sure to keep sharp objects, like scissors or pens, away from the bouncy castle and to inflate it periodically so it doesn’t lose its bounce! Renting a barbecue, to boot, is a fantastic way to cultivate a fun atmosphere and a delicious spread.

Weddings And Baby Showers

Last, but certainly not least, we have baby showers, weddings and bachelorette parties. It’s estimated over 35% of weddings are outdoor affairs now, often requiring tents on top of the more conventional table and chair combos. Baby showers are very much similar, though with the added caveat of cute decorations and appropriate flower arrangements. Hundreds of weddings occur every day in America, which is nothing to say of associated events.

Contacting Equipment Rental Companies

If you’re thinking of applying for some rental tools, contact your local equipment rental companies and ask about their rates. They offer warranties with their items, so rest assured that anything that has been damaged or dented will be covered. The best equipment rentals are ones with high quality materials and a reliable warranty so you can spend less time worrying and more time crafting a memorable occasion. When you’re finished with the items, it’s as simple as returning them to their place of origin. What event are you thinking of putting together next?

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