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When Should You Call an Expert Plumber?

You have your tool belt, you’ve search YouTube for how-to videos, and now you are prepared to fix your own plumbing. Nothing could be further from the truth. While there are some DIY plumbing repairs you can handle, do you know the difference between a serious plumbing problem and an easy repair? Without the education and experience of expert plumbers, you actually lack the knowledge that comes with the trade.

When Should You Call Expert Plumbers?

There are actually many scenarios that require you to call an expert plumber. One of those scenarios is when you have what is called a rapid water supply leak. This is typically noticeable when a water line bursts and you are suddenly dealing with major flooding throughout your home. This may not be a common problem, but it has been known to happen. If it happens to you, call nearby plumbers fast. Seasoned plumbers know how to handle the problem quickly.

Before you call plumbers Sacramento, look for the cut-off valves for the water supply near the leak. You may find a knob or knife-style cut-off valve to shut the water off so the leak does not end up flooding your entire house. If you cannot find a cut-off valve, you will need to locate the shut-off valve for the entire home and turn it off.

Not All Drainage Lines Are Accessible

Do you have a drainage line leak? Per Plumbing Manufacturers International, nearly 13.7% of indoor water use results in leaks. While some are easy to fix, others extend well beyond sink cabinets. They are not always easily accessible either. Plumbers understand where drainage lines are located in different homes, either under a floor or sealed up behind your walls. A rapid drainage line leak is actually a plumbing emergency. The faster you call a plumber the better. It takes quick action to prevent damage to the paint, drywall, floor coverings, and subfloors.

Yikes! There Is No Water in the House

Have you ever turned a faucet only to find there was no water coming from the spout? Water has stopped flowing to your house. The very first thing you need to do when this happens is, check to see if water has stopped flowing in your whole house, which is a rarity. Check both cold and hot water supplies too. If no water is running at all, you have a very serious problem. You could be dealing with a severed or burst pipe that’s buried outside your home and diverting water from your house. This type of leak could also be around a water meter. Local plumbers can help determine the problem and provide the plumbing service you need fast.

Do You Detect a Sewer Line Leak?

Have you noticed murky pools in your yard that smell? Perhaps mushy soil? A blocked or broken sewer line can cause pools to accumulate in your yard as well as strange happenings in your house. Toilets could be filling with wastewater while you run water in a bathtub or sink. This is a definite sewer line leak problem. This type of plumbing problem can be quite toxic since it involved carrying wastewater out of dishwashers, sinks, toilets, showers, washing machines and tubs.

Your home absolutely cannot function without the sewer line working properly. An expert plumbing company can make sure that your sewer line is cleaned out and has no other issues. They use state of the art tools for sewer line video inspections that easily locate problems so they can be solved quickly. This tends to be a rather huge job, especially if the sewer line is irreparably broken or blocked.

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