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What Is the Difference Between Category 6 Cables and 6a Cables?

When you need to install internet cabling for your business, you have a couple of options. Category 6 cables and category 6a cables can both be used, but offer different benefits. Keep reading to learn the difference between category 6 cables and category 6a cables.

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When it comes to size, the category 6a cables are a little thicker than the category 6 cables. This is because category 6a cabling offers a higher gigabyte option. Category 6 cables are used for 1 gigabyte networking all over 328 feet, whereas category 6a cabling offers 10 gigabytes over 328 feet.

When it comes to cost, category 6 cables are more cost-effective than 6a cables. This is because of the lower gigabyte option as well as the installation cost. Category 6a cables are much more of a challenge to install than cat 6 cables, leading to a higher installation cost.

While cat 6a cables offer more gigabytes, if your business is able to run using category 6 cables, it is the better option due to the installation costs as well as cable costs.

To learn more about the difference between category 6 cables and 6a cables, watch the video above!


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