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What Can You Expect When Redesigning a Closet

Homeowners today often consider the need for closet design when considering improvements that can be made to their space. A fully optimized closet design can help families reduce clutter in the home. Oftentimes clutter accumulates simply because there is not a great place to put things like coats, boots, and shoes. Although most homes come with closet space, they can quickly become messy due to a lack of organization.

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Good closet design organizes a closet to maximize its space and storage potential.

One closet design element that can help with clutter is the addition of cabinets and shelves. A closet can have a lot of un-optimized space, by placing shelving or storage cabinets in the closet, smaller items can have a place to go. Having items like this in your closet is also a great way to store off-season clothing. Instead of using precious rack space for bulky winter jackets and sweaters in the summer, an organized closet will allow space to rotate in-use items into more accessible places.

Before beginning a design and organization project it is important to determine what you intend to store in the closet. By understanding what exactly you need to make room for, you can best determine the hardware that needs to be installed to help bring organization to your home.

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