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What Are Your Options When Installing a Glass Railing in Your Home?

Glass railings aren’t just for commercial use; You can have glass railing installation in your home! You can put a glass railing around a swimming pool, you can enclose your back patio with one, or use them for stairwells.

If you want to keep an open concept for your home, but want to divide two rooms, glass railings can be a great way of doing this while keeping your initial open concept idea.

With any type of railing comes mounts and brackets. You can customize your own to fit the aesthetic of your home.

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Since the mounts and brackets will stand out amongst the glass, powder coating can allow you to choose any color you desire. You can also go with the traditional metal colors like gold and silver.

There are endless ways you can customize your glass railings. You can choose different types of glass: patterned, clear, or even laminated pieces with a print inside the glass of a design or just a plain color. You can have your glass railings be as decorative as you want in your home.

Glass railings may be a great addition to your home and may add some value as well.


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