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Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioner in Top Condition

The time to worry about repairs is before your air conditioner is in need of attention. This is why you want to know that there are reliable AC companies ready to assist you. Whether it’s a routine air cooler repair or a sudden breakdown that requires 24-hour emergency AC repair, you need quick and efficient service to keep your home comfortable.

For all your AC needs, consider reaching out to your local AC care center. They are the experts in providing 24-hour air conditioning service, ensuring that your cooling system is always running smoothly, no matter the time of day. You will be glad you made the choice when you are comfortable all year long. In the sweltering heat of summer, having access to 24-hour emergency AC repair can be a lifesaver. You never know when your AC might fail, but you can always count on these dedicated professionals to come to your rescue promptly.

When you prioritize regular maintenance and swift repair services from reputable AC companies, you’re taking the right steps to ensure your home remains cool and comfortable throughout the year. So, remember to keep the contact information for your local AC care center handy, knowing they are just a call away for 24-hour air conditioning service, day or night.

UPDATED 1/12/21

Air conditioners are found in two-thirds of American homes. Each year air conditioners cost about $11 billion dollars to operate. It is a catch 22, you do not want to pay the added costs for AC, but you certainly do not want to live without it!

There are a few steps that you can take to help keep your AC running at its optimum and cut down on energy costs as well. If you are in the market for a new unit, switching to an HE model can cut your costs by 20%-50%. If you are trying to hang on to your old unit and get a few more years out of it, there are still steps you can take to lower costs.

Do Your Part

Keeping your AC running great starts with having professional maintenance each year. A professional will tune up your system to ensure that it works at its optimum. They can also detect issues that could turn into problems down the road and provide some much-needed early intervention.

In between professional visits there are things that you can do to help protect your unit:

  • Replace filters regularly
  • Clear debris from the outside unit
  • Don’t overwork the unit
  • Do not block air exchanges

If you have a central unit be sure that you change your filters frequently. Ensuring that air flow is unrestricted means that your central AC does not have to work quite as hard. Change filters at least once a month, more if you have pets in the home or the system has been running a lot because of a heat wave.

Keep the Unit Clear

Occasionally visually inspect your air conditioner Duluth to ensure that leaves, grass clippings and other debris is not built up around the unit. Hosing the area down occasionally can save you the stress of an unexpected breakdown.

Bump Up the Thermostat on Really Hot Days

It may sound counterintuitive to set your thermostat on a higher temperature when the weather is hot, but it will keep your AC from overworking. This tip is especially true if you rely on a heat pump system for AC. Two degrees up on the thermostat can help you to save energy and help you to reduce the stress on your system.

Let the Air Flow

Do not place furniture in front of air exchanges inside the house. For a healthy AC system, the air needs to flow freely. Anything that is placed in front of the exchange is a potential problem. Best practice is to not place anything in front of the exchange

Living without air conditioning is not something anyone wants to tolerate. Taking care of your air conditioning system by following these simple tips and ensuring that you get the professional air conditioning service that you can depend on will make sure you can stay as cool as a cucumber on the hottest of days!

No one wants to live without air conditioning during the hottest months of the year. While running the AC may cost money, it is worth it. Took keep your AC in tip-top shape, you’ll need air conditioning service before you turn your AC unit on. If you have an AC unit under window, you may even need this serviced before the hot weather hits. There are many types of air conditioning appliances you can choose from. These include an air conditioner for two rooms, air systems HVAC, window ACs, and more. Here are some other tips to follow: replace filters regularly, clear debris from the outside unit, don’t overwork the unit, and do not block air exchanges. One way to not overwork your AC system is to bump up the temperature in your home by a couple of degrees on really hot days. Also, never place furniture in front of airflow vents. This will impede your airflow and you won’t get the desired temperature in your home or workplace. Follow these tips to keep your AC from breaking down in the middle of summer.

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