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The importance of moving list

Moving out at 16 checklist

Moving to a new home is never easy. However, anything that is done in an organized manner makes everything easier. And when it comes to moving, a moving list can make the move not just easier but problem free. With a moving check list you will not forget anything and even be able to accomplish several tasks at once. For example, having your medications during and after the move. With a moving list, you can get the medications or prescriptions when you go to your doctor to get your medical records or when you request for referral to another doctor. And while you are at it, you can even include in your moving list what you need from your dentist and your vet. In a single day, you can accomplish several tasks with the help of your moving checklist.

So, when you make your moving list the best way to go about it is to have separate checklist for moving, one for check list for moving and another one for moving out checklist. Your check list for moving includes all the things that you will pack and have your movers deliver to your new home. This also includes all the things that you will carry with you when you move, such as your valuables. Having this moving list will ensure that you will be able to pack everything in time and not forget any single item. The moving out checklist includes all the things that you will do during the day of the move. This moving list will have checking each room if you left something to turning off the power and water to even saying goodbye to your neighbor and leaving them your forwarding address and contact numbers.

Depending on your needs, you should make sure that the moving list is complete. The only way to do this is to be systematic. You should therefore categorize the moving list. You can do this based on schedule of tasks that must be accomplished or based on importance of things. For example, you may want a list that will ensure that you get to do the things on time. In this case, you should create a moving list with weekly and daily tasks. You can start with the most important tasks, such as medical records, getting referral for new doctor and dentist, insurance to your new home and vehicle, license if you are moving to another state and similar tasks. As the day of your move approaches, your moving list will include packing and similar tasks. On the other hand, you can also do a moving list based on things. In this your list will be like most important things. You can start again with the records, followed by your valuables down to the least important things. By categorizing your list, you will not forget anything and will accomplish everything on time.

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