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The Benefits Of Central Air Conditioning

Although switching from a window unit air conditioner to a central air conditioner will be an expensive investment at first, it is worth it in the long run. When having HVAC companies come in to install the central air conditioner, they will tell you all about the unit and its benefits. If you have the extra money saved up, you would e wise to switch to one. Here are some benefits of central air conditioning.

Provides Your Home With Cleaner Air

A central air conditioner is a great thing to have in your home because it provides your home with cleaner air, as opposed to an air conditioner window unit. The central air unit comes with filters that will keep out dust, pollen, and lint. The filters will keep these pollutants from circulating your air, which in turn can irritate your allergies, making you sick.

Circulates Cool Air All Through The House

As opposed to an air conditioner window unit, which only keeps one room cool, a central air conditioner unit will keep your entire home cool all summer long. No need to buy and install multiple window units in your home, this can get expensive. Sure, the central air unit is an expensive investment at first but in the long run, it is worth it for all of the reasons mentioned.


You know how most window units can get loud and you always know when one is turned on because you can hear it from outside of your home, just like everyone else can. Not only this but if your window unit is getting old and not working properly, you can hear it even louder. It sure does make itself known to everyone within walking distance. A central air system will stay quiet all the time. You will barely know it is running.

Gives You More Space

A central air unit is big and because of this, it needs to be installed by HVAC companies outside of your home. Because of this, it provides your home with more space. This gives you more room for more important things in your home.

Easy To Use

A central air conditioning unit has a single control panel that allows you to set the temperature you want your house to be. You can also set a timer on it to go off or on at a certain time.

Has Multiple Functions

Most central air units come as a furnace too to heat your home in the winter. This allows for one unit to cool your home in the summer and keep your home warm in the winter. With the unit acting as a double unit for both heatings and cooling your home, this will save you money in the long run. You won’t have to order gas or oil for your furnace and your electric bill won’t go up due to using total electric for your furnace. A central air unit saves you money in more ways than one.

About two-thirds of all the homes in the United States have an air conditioner installed in their home.

Today’s new air conditioners use about half of the energy of what they did back in 1990. Because of this, you will save money.

Good HVAC systems will need to be inspected by professional HVAC companies at least twice per year to keep it running properly. AC maintenance can be pricey but worth it to ensure your system is running smoothly all year long. The maintenance man or woman will clean ducts ensuring everything is cleaned and running properly before leaving the AC unit.

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