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Save Energy by Upgrading Your Furnace so Your Money Isn’t Disappearing Into Thin Air

Ductless mini split systems

The quality of the air we breath is extremely important. Besides the need to breath clean, quality air to remain as healthy as possible, we as humans also need a means of keeping cool when the temperature rises too high for comfort, and a means of staying warm when it’s frigid outside.

When keeping that in mind, it’s clear to see that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services (you’ll often hear these grouped together and referred to as “HVAC”) are one of the many unsung heroes of our society. Without this technology and the professionals who maintain its infrastructure, it is likely that our society would look and function very differently.

If it weren’t already abundantly clear that this industry is truly one of our most depended on, consider this — heating and cooling accounts for about half of the energy the average home will use in any given year in the United States. This is a tremendous cost, and the amount of energy used is pretty significant. Perhaps highlighting the importance of our HVAC systems even further, it has been determined that two-thirds of all homes in the United States have air conditioning units. That’s (literally!) very cool!

Choosing the right equipment and the right dedicated professionals to manage your air conditioning services is paramount — you can save yourself a veritable ton of money, and the reason has to do mostly with technological advancements made across the HVAC industry in recent years.

The lowest efficiency that new furnaces are allowed to have by law is 78% — this is what has been the industry standard in past times. Now, there are newer models which achieve almost total efficiency, and are clocked at a total of around 97% efficiency. The amount of money lost, literally disappearing into “thin air,” can be hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. If you feel you can use a break and could use the extra savings (who wouldn’t?), consider having your HVAC setup inspected and consider how much money you could be saving by making some repairs.

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