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Replacement HVAC Compressors: What to Consider Before Purchasing One

Learn what you need to know about HVAC before you buy. Update your ventilation, ac and heating systems with the right products for the right price. Homeowners can have different types of HVAC systems, such as an a c furnace combo or a c heat pump units. The one uniting factor is that all of these systems move air around. HVAC compressors are a common mechanical component of many air-moving systems. The good news is — if your compressor breaks, you can usually replace it without updating your entire HVAC.

When choosing a new HVAC compressor, be sure to check out the manufacturers’ specs and guidelines and select one from a reputable dealer. Replacing your compressor is often a job best left to the professionals, so be sure to query online for ” ac maintenance near me.” Check the license and review for any potential installer to make sure they are familiar both with your current system and also with your proposed replacement brand.

And remember, your best return on investment will be a combination of cost and quality.

If you install, repair, or sell HVAC systems and refrigeration systems, then you have experienced the arduous process of getting quality HVAC compressor replacements. Most of the time when HVAC systems fail, the compressor is predominantly the main issue. If you own a HVAC company, you need to know the right type of HVAC compressor model to buy.

Replacement HVAC Compressors

Depending on the type of compressor that the HVAC system or the refrigeration system utilizes, it may be more economical to replace a faulty compressor. Most of the domestic refrigeration systems that you sell or repair utilize hermetic refrigeration compressors. These are the refrigerators that utilize low to medium power, mostly found in homes and small retail shops.

You already know that hermetic compressors cannot be repaired as the motor and compressor are sealed inside a welded steel casing. This ensures that the refrigerant doesn’t leak. Therefore, you’ll have to find new hermetic replacement compressors for refrigeration systems and HVAC systems that have problematic hermetic compressors.

The larger HVAC systems and medium power refrigerators utilize a semi-hermetic compressor. Semi-hermetic compressors have the motor and compressor contained in one steel shell that is sealed using nuts. Therefore, it’s easy to loosen the nuts and fix a replacement HVAC motor.

Regardless of whether you’re dealing with a hermetic compressor or a semi-hermetic compressor, you need to establish the right type to buy. When buying a compressor, there are certain factors that you need to consider first before drawing your checkbook. Here are some tips on buying replacement HVAC compressors.

1. Have Some Manufacturer’s Details

Before buying aftermarket compressors, you should have the important details of the HVAC system. These are details such as the voltage, manufacturer’s serial number, and the type of compressor – rotary, scroll, or reciprocating. These details will help your HVAC replacement parts dealer supply you with the right replacement HVAC motors and compressors. Having the right replacement parts is vital, as you cannot replace a rotary compressor with a scroll compressor. The original compressor and the replacement compressor must be compatible.

2. Purchase From a Reputable Dealer

A seasoned HVAC replacement parts dealer has more expertise and knowledge of the different types and forms of HVAC compressors. Such dealers may advise you on the best compressors to buy, and other HVAC parts to utilize in your HVAC business. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) supply the dealers with the most recent HVAC replacement parts. Additionally, knowledge transfer between the OEMs and dealers is smooth and adequate. As a result, the dealer will advise you from a point of knowledge. Consequently, you’ll be able to keep your customers happy by providing them with the right HVAC solutions. If you’re working on the recent and modern HVAC systems, dealers will help you get the appropriate compressor replacement parts.

3. Don’t Prioritize Price Over Quality

HVAC compressors aren’t cheap, especially, if you’re looking for semi-hermetic compressors for the large commercial HVAC and refrigeration systems. Some HVAC companies may prioritize the price of a compressor over the quality, and end up offering substandard products and services to their customers.

Because of the central role that compressors play in HVAC systems, more care and attention must be given to their manufacture. The compressor is responsible for the basic functions of an HVAC system — cooling and heating. As such, it’s considered the heart of the HVAC system. When buying any make or model of compressor, you should prioritize quality over price.

Whatever service your HVAC company offers — repair, installation, sales — you need to have the right quality, type, and size of HVAC compressors. HVAC systems cost American homeowners and property developers a substantial amount of money to install and repair. It’s estimated that New York City building owners spend between $130 to $180 million each year to replace and repair poorly installed air conditioners. To save your clients’ such hefty costs for future HVAC repairs and replacements, you should utilize the best quality compressor.

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