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An Invisible Gas Information You Should Know About Radon Gas

In the United States, there are many different homeowners. Different homeowners mean different houses, different styles, different lives. Some people live in small houses, others live in big houses. Some people have colorful styles in their homes, while others have muted colors. Regardless of the differences, there are similarities between homeowners. There is important information all homeowners should know.

This important information involves radon gas. Here is what you should know about radon in your home if you’re a homeowner.

Radon Testing Company

You may be wondering what is radon? How is testing for radon done? Is it necessary? Well, let’s begin.

Radon gas, by definition is a radioactive gas. This radioactive gas is composed and created naturally. It occurs when uranium, thorium, or radium decomposes in soil, rock, or water in the ground. In addition, radon gas is odorless, tasteless, and invisible. If you have cracks in your home’s foundation, spaces in your home, or holes, radon in your home is more common.

Radon in your home is more common if you do have cracks, holes, or spaces in your home. This is because radon gas travels through the cracks in your home’s foundation, spaces in your home, or holes in your home very easily. When you suspect radon in your home, there is a certain process you should undergo.

More specifically, this is when a radon testing company comes into the picture. Additionally, there are benefits you’ll find when you contact a radon testing contractor to assist you with the radon in your home.

Safety: The first reason or benefit to getting a radon testing company to come to your home for radon gas, is solely based off of safety. More specifically, radon gas is extremely dangerous for individuals’ health if they are exposed to it for a long time. In fact, radon gas is known as the second leading cause of lung cancer for those within the United States. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself, your family, and your health, you should hire a radon testing company to handle the radon in your home.

Experience and Expertise: The next benefit you should be aware of is that a radon testing company, and those who work for it, have the experience and expertise to rid the radon in your home. This experience and expertise goes beyond knowing the process of what to do when handling radon gas. A radon testing contractor has the experience and expertise with different types of radon testing. The one form is active and the other is passive. There are also short-term radon testing kits and long term radon testing kits.

In terms of radon in your home, a contractor will have the experience and expertise to know which form of testing to use while in your home.

Time: Many individuals incorrectly assume that radon testing will disrupt your daily schedule and take a very long time to set up. However, it is the complete opposite. When a radon testing contractor comes to your home, it will only take him or her about 10 minutes to set up the testing kit. After that, the kit remains untouched for 52 hours. While it remains untouched, this testing kit will document and process the radon levels in your home. Once the 52 hours are over, the contractor will arrive back to your home to pick up the testing kit.

Overall, there is no interruptions to your daily schedule! That is quite the benefit.

Results: The next piece of information or benefit you should know about radon testing- when there is radon in your home, is the process of the results. When you have radon in your home, and professionals set up the testing kit, the results will be immediate! Yes, you get your results immediately! This is because the testing kit records the radon levels in your home throughout the day and throughout the night. When the time is finally up for the contractor to pick up the kit, the level numbers are right there!

It is important to note that these are only some of the benefits of radon testing! There is much more!

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