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Pros and Cons to Installing Steel Framed Windows

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If you are remodeling your home or looking to buy a new one, windows are a very important subject. You want them to look good but to also provide the security and privacy needed in a residence. There are many different types of windows that you can be buy but this article will focus on one specifically: steel windows.

Steel framed windows are exactly what they sound like. They are windowpanes that are outlined by steel frames giving them a sturdy and modern look. Most industrial buildings and office buildings have these. They are great for separating rooms and blocking out sound while still being able to see the entire floor. Some residents will use them in their home because it makes the home look bigger without having to many closed off spaces. Having steel can be beneficial to your home, depending on where you live but there are some cons as well. First, let’s take a look what some of the other benefits of steel framed windows are:

  1. Very slender sidelines. This is all about how they look. It means that the size of the framing it’s self is thin and does not obstruct the view. Steel is a very sturdy material so there only needs to be a slim frame to hold of the integrity of the window while getting the look the decorator is going for.

  2. Versatile architectural styles. Steel works well with many types of decorating styles. Whether you are going for a more traditional or modern look, steel framed windows can work well and really all that needs to change to fit the look is the windowpane size.

  3. They can weather the storm. One of the best things about steel frames is that they do not decay or rust and are weather and fire resistant. Most types of durable steel are coated with zinc had an extremely high temperature in order to prevent any kind of corrosion that could take place.

  4. Unbroken seals. When steel windows are being installed every corner, seem and joint is galvanized, welded and then powder coated. This makes the actual surface of the frame smooth, strong and unbroken.

  5. Immovable. Steel framed windows do not change depending on the weather. Wood can swell and shrink depending on temperature, humidity levels and other weather elements but steel remains steadfast and unchanging no matter what the weather is like.

  6. Minimal maintenance . Other types of material like wood take regular maintenance to maintain the integrity of the material but still hardly needs any upkeep at all besides regular cleaning. Cleaning isn’t even necessary for the integrity of the material, it’s just for sanitation reasons!

As great as these reasons seem, steel framed windows are not all pros and no cons. Here are some disadvantages to having steel.

  1. Poor insulator. Metal windows and doors in general are not good insulators and the thin pieces of steel that are used for steel windows are no exception. Steel will do very little to keep the warm inside in the cold outside and vice versa. They’re not very energy-efficient and a lot of thermal energy can be lost.

  2. No personal installing. Many people like to do their own home projects these days but if you were looking into steel windows, this is not one of those projects. The material is extremely heavy and it is always recommended to hire a contractor to have it done properly.

  3. Expensive. Steel is not expensive compared to other types of materials but it is not cheap if it is being used for modern look. There are other types of materials that will give you the same look and functionality for a cheaper price.

  4. More protection needed in some areas. If you live near the ocean or another body of salt water do you will need several extra coats of protection and finishing in order to prevent corrosion from the airborne and salt on your steel framed windows and doors. While galvanizing can help, salt can eat through the zinc fairly quickly so this is probably not the best choice if you live near salt water.

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