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How to Choose the Right Door

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Doors are such an important part of our homes. They are not just simply for coming in and out of. They can really change the entire feel of the home and of course, they must match the style of decor we have chosen. Doors to rooms and hallways are even a different consideration than those that open to the outside. Inside doors need only be for sound proofing, separation and look. Doors that open to the outside, however, not only need all of the above, they must provide enough privacy and security so that passers by with less than perfect intent do not see your home as a possibility.

Front doors are the first impression. When guests come to your home, the front door is usually the first greeting. While it needs to be secure, weather proof and sturdy, it should also be warm and welcoming.

Back doors usually open on to your own property so there is more room to play with it comes to those doors than the front door. Let’s go over a few types of doors you could install in your home.

Wood Doors
These doors are handsome in appearance and really can get any time of look you want depending on how it is stained or painted. They are probably the most homey and welcoming of all the doors and even if they get scratched, can be easily touched up and made to look new. The disadvantages here are that wood just require some maintenance on a regular basis. To keep a wood door looking its best you will want to refinish it every two years or so. Wood also tends to warp and swell with weather conditions.

Steel Doors
Unfortunately, metal has been been a good insulator so a steel door will do little to keep out the cold during the winter. However, technology has come quite a ways recently with steel doors and for a fairly cheap price, you can buy a very low maintenance, good looking steel door. Painting is sometimes done to steel doors although it is not recommended because of chipping. This type of door is probably the best as far as security goes because of it’s sturdy structure and material.

French Doors
This type of door is quite upscale and fancy adding value and general appeal to your home. French doors can allow it a lot more natural light and come in many different styles, depending on your taste. The disadvantages here are the they do require more room for opening and closing as they swing. Along with being high class, they are high priced. However, if you can afford the price and the space, they are the most aesthetically pleasing door.

Sliding Doors
Sliding doors are usually used in the back area. It is rare to see a front sliding door unless it is behind some sort of non see through security gate. Even when the sliding door is the entrance to the back yard, you probably will want to hang drapes or blinds in order to allow for more privacy, especially at night time when you can see inside. While a sliding door will allow for larger objects to come in and out of the home, the tracks can sometimes be a pain if the door comes off them. This is a fixable problem but can be frustrating nonetheless. If you should glass for your sliding doors, this can make the room seem bigger because you are able to see outside at the same time.

Fiberglass Doors
Although these types of doors may sound like they would be made out a strange material, they can actually be quite beautifully crafted and made to look very similar to a wood door. However, the energy efficiency of fiberglass doors is up to four times the amount of a regular wood door. Fiberglass does not warp or rot and required very little maintenance. The cost is fairly inexpensive and the only real disadvantage is that the door can be cracked if something is thrown forcefully at it.

There are many options to both front and back doors and whether you try the sliding doors or the steel doors, you’re bound to be happy with a change.

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