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5 Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Smoothly

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Modern air conditioning units make life in much of the country possible. This is why they can be found in at least two-thirds of all American homes. At least 5% of all electricity produced in the United States each year is used by air conditioning units. This represents an annual cost of about $11 billion. While we may not want to think about our heating and air conditioning units or air conditioning maintenance, waiting until they break down can cost a lot of money and make our lives very uncomfortable. There are things we can do to prevent the need for expensive air conditioning service.

Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Smoothly:

  1. Check and replace your air conditioning filters often. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep your air conditioning unit running as efficiently as possible is to pay attention to your filters. When your filters get clogged with dirt, dust or other grime, your system will not run as efficiently. During the summer, you should check your filters at least once a month. Have them looked at by a qualified air conditioning service company to check on them. If your system is used in a very dusty area or if you have a lot of furry pets, you may have to have the air conditioning filters checked more frequently.
  2. Check your air conditioning coils. Cleaning or changing your air conditioning filters on a regular basis will cut down on the amount of dirt the coils are exposed to but will not eliminate it entirely. These do not need to be checked as often as the air conditioning filters but at least once a year, you should look them over and clean as needed. This can cut down on any need to have an air conditioning service company repair your unit.
  3. Clean your vents. Your air conditioning unit has vents that will also attract a lot of dust and dirt and the same problem substances that can block up your filters. You should check your vents a few times a year and clean everything as thoroughly as you can. You can also take the added step of having an air conditioning company come to your home and do a real professional cleaning of the entire unit. Dust, dirt and grime are the enemy of a well functioning air conditioning unit.
  4. Make sure your unit is not blocked by anything. If your condenser unit is kept in a closet, make sure you do not have any furniture or blankets covering your unit. If your condenser is outside, make sure it is not covered in leaves or other obstructions that can impact the operations of the unit.
  5. Do not let your freon get low. While the air conditioning unit does not actually use freon to operate, you should have your air conditioning service technician check the entire unit for any leaks that will cause the freon level to drop.

Many people opt to purchase an air conditioning maintenance plan when they have their units installed. These typically will include inspections and general service several times a year. By having your unit checked by an air conditioning repair company on a regular basis, you can save a lot of money by finding problems when they are small and easier to fix rather than waiting for them to become large issues that require expensive repairs or replacement. If you wait until the unit is not working at all, you may have a much larger problem than if you have the unit serviced more often.

Another real benefit to regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit is that when you have it running at its peak efficiency level, you can save a lot of money on your energy bills. By replacing older equipment with high efficiency units can cut your electricity bills by as much as between 20 and 50%. The simple act of replacing your dirty air conditioning filters as often as recommended will have a real impact on your power bills. These easy steps will keep your home comfortable and your wallet full.

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