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When to plant grass

In 2011, DIY lawn and gardening practices increased by 3 percent over 2010. American spending on lawn and garden related products in 2001 also increased by about 2 percent, which accounted for an extra 688 million dollars in spending compared to the year before. If you are a do it yourself gardener or landscaper, you should check out some deals on drought resistant grass seeds on the web. If you have drought resistant lawn seed on your property, and your area experiences a few dry weeks, you will be able to enjoy a nice lush green lawn, while your neighbors lawns where non drought resistent lawn seed was used begin to wither.

The first lawns may have been enclosed areas covered with grass in early medieval settlements where livestock was free to graze, as opposed to fields that had been set aside for agricultural purposes. The first American use of the term “lawn” was in the 1730s, but it did not become a common part of regular American vocabulary until after the Civil War had ended.

According to a recent study, fescue grass blends such as Pearl’s Premium, cut at 3″ high, produces over 5,700 times more oxygen than carbon in a 24 hour period, so make sure to consider this brand of grass blend as you research the perfect lawn seed for your property.

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