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Ideas on How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table

A small glass top coffee table is a popular and easily customize-able accessory and piece of furniture for today’s living rooms. These tables, such as a small glass table, or related glass-based furniture such as floating glass shelves or tempered glass shelves, can be bought or built in a dazzling variety of styles and materials to suit any living room’s decor and match the taste of any consumer and homeowner. There are a lot of options to choose from for a small glass top coffee table, but with a little know-how and research, any homeowner can find the perfect small glass top coffee table, bookshelf, or display case with attractive glass and support frames to make a living room pop.

The Glass

Glass is common nowadays, usually found in house windows and car windows, but even if it is taken for granted nowadays, this material can be festive and strong without being too expensive. For one thing, glass is very environmentally friendly, being 100% recyclable, so it can be used over and over without fuss. In cars, the tint effect in tinted windows can absorb heat and reduce glare, and glass can very in strength as well as color and function. Untreated glass is the starting point, whereas heat treated glass is stronger, and tempered glass stronger still. But unless a small glass top coffee table will bear heavy loads, it may not be necessary to find such strong glass. The concept of coffee tables (with or without glass) dates back to the late Victorian era, and they exploded in popularity alongside the television in the 1950s, providing a place for a person or family to eat while watching their television set. Today, a TV is not necessary for a small glass top coffee table; it can be a work of art all on its own.

Finding the Right Style

Different materials for the frame can control the whole aesthetic and attitude of any small glass top coffee table. According to Glass Doctor, a clear glass coffee table has all sorts of options for the frame, and some may be resourceful and thrifty. Cinder blocks, for example, can serve as the legs for such a table, as long as padding protects the glass and the carpet underneath. This also makes the table easy to disassemble and move around. Recycling old wood beams from a countryside building can lend a rustic charm and save on scrap wood, a strong option for an outdoors enthusiast or a small glass top coffee table in a hunting cabin or vacation home. Using uprooted (and cleaned) tree stumps can achieve a similar effect. Sawing an oak barrel in half and laying it on its side is another festive option, and support platforms must be installed to keep the barrel upright. Since the barrel is hollow, a person can fill it with any decorative material, such as colorful beads, pebbles, corks, seashells, or anything else.

A glass table does not have to be bare. Aside from placing coffee mugs, teacups, and snack saucers on it, there can be more permanent decorations involved to make the table pop. For example, strings of lights around the edge, on the legs, or in an empty barrel half can give a warm glow, and the table’s surface can host art such as small sculptures or attractive scale models. The table’s colors and materials can either blend with the room for a uniform look, or contrast, based on the homeowner’s preference. There can even be two tables at once, either a matching pair or two totally different types. The glass itself can be decorative, being an exotic color or frosted. Flowers or attractive china such as plates and teacups can decorate the table, too.

Whatever the homeowner chooses, a small glass top coffee table can add charm and personality to any living room.

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