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How does solar heating work

Solar heating may be viewed as something out of the future, but this technology is in fact available today. As described in the video, solar heating solutions can be adopted in most homes, offering both flexibility and reliability.
The video described the two principal methods of solar heating, passive and active. Passive systems directly use the rays of the sun to provide heat.

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Both the design and the placement of the equipment is important to achieve maximum effectiveness. Passive systems are known for their simplicity and low maintenance requirements.
Active systems also employ sunlight to provide energy, but the process is done indirectly. These systems are used to heat something else, whether air or a liquid substance, which is then stored and later circulated to provide heat. These systems are less noticeable and thus may be considered more attractive for use in homes. Additionally, active systems can be used in conjunction with existing water tanks.
Solar heating solutions can benefit homeowners by reducing their energy costs, but they also benefit the environment. This is because they produce far less in terms of emissions than other forms of energy production.

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