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Easy Ways to Upgrade a Home Using Vintage Pieces

Vintage pieces can be one of the most simple and inspiring ways to redecorate a home. Many do-it-yourself projects focus on revamping or renovating a vintage piece of furniture to be sold or added to a home. Also, vintage furniture and other pieces like a historic wood door can be handmade and are often one of a kind which can make an otherwise traditional living space stand out from the rest. Adding antique pieces to any interior or exterior space can give a home a sense of history, and can increase the value of a home tremendously.

One beautiful way to upgrade a home using vintage decorative pieces is by incorporating a historic wood doors. Traditional doors can often be found at yard sales, garage sales, flea markets, or vintage/ consignment stores. Historic wood doors are usually characterized by intricate wood carvings, peeling paint, and don’t usually look as “perfect” as a machine-made door. Additionally, historic wood doors are usually quite a bit thicker and heavier than a modern style front door because they are typically made from various types of hardwood such as oak, mahogany, or chestnut.

Adding vintage wood windows can be another simple way to upgrade a home. Oftentimes, vintage wood windows can be removed from houses to install more high-tech versions and the antique window is left completely intact. An excellent way to add new design elements to a home is by using these vintage windows in unconventional ways. You can collect a number of windows to create a wall of a greenhouse, or even paint the windows for a beautiful art installation.

Antique wood cabinets are another cost saving and environmentally friendly way to upgrade a home. Many times, antique wood cabinets will be removed completely intact to be replaced with more modern versions. These antique cabinets however are typically made with higher quality woods and after being sanded or stained can look better than their more modern counterparts! Full vintage wooden cabinet sets can be found by doing research online, or by visiting a local flea market or furniture consignment store.

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