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Clogged Drains and Other Signs You Need a Professional Plumbing Service

An emergency plumbing service can help people get any drain cleared. There might be situations where the house will have all drains clogged. An all natural drain declogger might be able to help people with an individual drain. However, customers who search for answers on what to do if ‘all pipes in house clogged,’ will usually be instructed to contact plumbing professionals.

If every pipe in the house is clogged, it indicates that there is a deeper problem with the overall plumbing system itself. It could mean that the entire plumbing system will have to be replaced. Fortunately, customers won’t always have to replace every part of their household plumbing systems when this happens. Professional plumbing technicians might be able to address the problem in other ways.
Still, it could mean that there is an issue with the sewer pipe or the sewage pump. There might be problems with the entire sewer line when people see a plumbing problem on this scale. In all likelihood, they will also notice other problems with their plumbing systems, such as strange odors. Fortunately, plumbing professionals can inspect the systems very quickly. It shouldn’t take them long to identify the plumbing problem’s source.

Water heater leak

Are you experiencing slow drainage in your sinks, bathtub, and/or shower? Or perhaps you have an obviously clogged drain in your kitchen or laundry room, along with a leaky toilet. These and other plumbing issues, including a new hot water heater installation, can be taken care of when you contact your local plumbing service.

Over 10,000 gallons of water can be wasted every year due to simple household leaks. As the result of fixing these, the average household can also save roughly 10% on their water bills. Even when they just release a drip of water every second, leaky faucets alone can waste over 3,000 gallons a year.

In addition to wasting a considerable amount of water, the average household leaks can also create other issues when ignored or postponed. Water damage, as you may be aware, can ruin floors, carpets, walls, and personal items, all of which may be costly to repair and replace.

According to recent research, 20% to 35% of the toilets in people’s homes may leak to a certain extent. Even though this is common, it doesn’t mean that this issue shouldn’t be addressed as soon as possible.

If your water heater hasn’t been replaced for quite a few years, it may be time to take care of this as well. If you’ve noticed even a small water heater leak, this should be a signal that there’s an issue. In addition to traditional water heaters, you may be interested in learning more about the benefits of a tankless water heater.

Sometimes, a simple leak or clogged drain may point to a larger issue, however. Over time, sewer lines can become damaged or worn out. In homes built before the 1970s, for example, tree roots are a common cause of pipe damage.

If you live in an older home, your sewer system may be 40 years or older. In this case, it may be time to replace it. When you experience a variety of plumbing issues on a regular basis, this may point to the sewer line.

Currently trenchless sewer lines and other trenchless methods are available for residential homes. These have been available for approximately 15 years; however, many homeowners may not be aware of this. If you need to replace your sewer line, choosing this option may be the most efficient way to handle this issue.

Whether you have a clogged drain or another plumbing issue, it’s important to take care of it as soon as possible. While it may just be a minor irritant at the moment, it could be the sign of a major underlying issue. When you contact your local plumbing service, they will be able to determine the extent of the problem. Just imagine how relieved you’ll be when it turns out that it’s an easy fix.


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