Protective Screens For Pools and Porches

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Landscaping is the act of modifying the contents of one’s front or back yard, and landscaping can take many forms. Some homeowners plant trees or shrubs, for example, or they might even star their own flower garden or vegetable patch. Or landscaping can involve something more man-made, such as a swimming pool, a wooden deck, or an outdoor grill or kitchen. Outdoor features like these are popular, and they can really make a property stand out on the real estate market. Experts have estimated that a homeowner who invests 5% of their property’s value into landscaping can expect an ROI, or return of investment, close to 150%. Properties with landscaping will stand out to buyers looking for a new house, and these homes tend to sell faster. Meanwhile, a homeowner is urged to use the right hardware to protect their landscaping and the people who use it. A wooden fence is fine, but sometimes, an outdoor mesh screen