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Beautiful Furniture Creates A Beautiful Home The Five Essential Pieces To Bring Your Household Together

Good furniture creates a good home. Despite this simple wisdom, many Americans live in spaces they don’t feel quite comfortable in.

Maybe you have an old couch that’s starting to show its signs of age. Perhaps your living room looks a touch bare and you’re not sure where to start redecorating. When you take control of your furniture, you take control of the mood and style of your home at large. This spring is the right time to reassess your house furnishings and look for what’s missing. Furniture stores are stocked to the brim with beautiful creations that will not just bring out your personal best, but last you a long time.

There may be a lot of furniture out there, but only a handful will be just what you need. Let’s take a look at some functional, beautiful ideas below to get you started.

Living Room Sofa

Look at any living room and you’ll find one consistent element. The sofa is where you mingle with friends, relax with family, and nap after a long, hard day. The average lifespan of a sofa is around eight years, give or take a few depending on maintenance. Among sofa buyers in a recent study, over 90% stated quality and durability are very important when making a purchase. When your sofa starts feeling lumpy or tattered, visiting furniture stores in Virginia can help breathe life into your entire living room.

Leather Sectional Couch

For those that want a little more flexibility when inviting friends or family over, the leather sectional couch is a great pick. After a house and a car, furniture is considered the third most expensive item a person will buy during their lifetime. The leather sectional couch gives you the versatility to shake up your living room design while still providing a classy appearance. To maintain your leather use a good leather conditioner or protection cream every four to six months. Keep your leather furniture out of direct sunlight and wipe off butter or grease stains with a clean dry cloth.

Bedroom Furniture

Did you know a lack of good furniture can affect your health? Clutter is closely linked to high rates of anxiety, for starters, and your mood can be directly impacted by lackluster surroundings. When you feel less than enthused upon going to bed, that’s a good sign to look into some new bedroom furniture. The chiffonier is a great addition for nearly any style — it’s a tall chest of drawers designed for the bedroom, divided into two sections and able to be furnished with extra additions. Mid century modern furniture is a beautiful blend of the old and new.

Furniture For Small Spaces

You might be wondering about the little areas of your home that can be filled in. Creating that subtle, organic clutter is something that can easily be done with custom furniture design. Popular choices for many homeowners today include small potted plants, paintings on the wall, decorative sculptures, potpourri, and candle sets. Although many customers today prefer to buy furniture in a store, home furnishings represent over 10% of all retail e-commerce. Browsing online might yield even more treasures than you thought possible.

Wooden Amish Furniture

Bedroom furniture and living room furniture should last a long time. It should also feel like a unique, personal part of your home. Modern furniture stores today have been putting an increasing emphasis on wooden Amish furniture, a holdover from the early craftswork era of the United States. Characterized by their homemade appeal, Amish furniture for sale can last an upwards of 15 years or more with good upkeep. The veneer on most furniture is as thick as two business cards, designed to push away moisture and keep harmful scratches at bay.

Bless your home with beautiful furnishings. Visit your furniture stores in Arlington and ask about their bedroom furniture sets.

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