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Are You Wasting Space by Not Remodeling Your Basement?

One of the top home improvement projects for homeowners is basement remodeling. The National Association of Home Builders conducted surveys and found out that over the past two decades finished basements are one of the most popular home renovation projects. It can be complicated trying to remodel your basement without professional help. There are actually many benefits to hiring a home improvement contractor to handle the job.

Basement remodeling has many benefits including boosting the resale value of your home. That alone make the cost worth it. It may seem like an initial investment, and it is, but in the long run it is well worth it.

How Does Basement Remodeling Benefit You?

While any home improvement benefits you, when you have a basement contractor help remodel yours, you are creating more interest while increasing the square footage of your home that is usable. Adding living space without adding new construction which takes time and the proper licensure is a sure way to boost the resale value of your home.

Home Improvements Create Better Interest

Finished basements can be quite attractive to real estate agents and potential buyers. Transform a basement into a game room, extra bedroom, study or studio. It then becomes a huge selling point and perk making basement design and finishing a top home improvement.

Do you want to increase the energy efficiency of your home? Remodeling a basement is often overlooked or not given the consideration it deserves in terms of an energy efficient home improvement. You may be wondering how this is possible. When a home renovation contractor adds drywall, insulation as well as other materials that have been designed to keep air inside a home it makes it more energy efficient. Just proper insulation will do the trick by eliminating drafts and reducing the escape of hot or cold air.

A Home Improvement Is a Sound Investment

You may have heard the term investing in yourself is wise. Investing in home improvements is investing in yourself and extremely advantageous. Basement remodeling can provide you with a positively sound return on an expensive investment. Give your home a boost and invest in a home improvement project staring with your basement.

Add More Comfort to Your Home

Basement refinishing gives you the option of adding more comfortable rooms, depending on the size of your basement you could add two or three rooms if you wanted. Put in a bathroom, a tiny kitchen and more living space that provide house guests with a great place to stay. Design a fun and quirky area that is perfect for a game room and all of the kid’s toys. Transform the space into your own quiet office if you work from home. Deck out your basement with a shower and bathroom and plenty of space for working out. The options are endless when you consider all of the ways you could transform your basement.

What Other Types of Elements Should You Add to a Basement Renovation?

There are plenty of elements you could add to your basement to truly make it special. Don’t forget to consider different types of lighting that keep an underground space positively lit. Consider track lighting or recessed lighting and find out which your contractor recommends. Avoid corner shadows by placing lights that are recessed three feet from walls.

Does your basement feel drab and dark? Are there any windows? If not, adding windows or updating them with replacement windows brings in natural light which is great for darker areas. Egress windows are perfect for finished basements as well as hopper windows, picture windows, awning windows and sliding windows. Your basement remodeling contractor will be able to tell you which type are perfect for your space.

Other options to consider are new flooring, waterproofing to eliminate any water damage, replacing HVAC and utilities while your renovating, adding storage and outfitting the area with new décor and furniture. The overall effects will be amazing!

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