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Are You Planning Any Home Remodeling Projects This Summer?

Being on the building and property committee at church has been a training ground for much of the work that you are tackling at your own home. Although the addition renovations at church are far more expensive, they also include many of the same problems that you are considering at home. For instance, the committee is looking at the remaining older bathrooms being redesigned. The money for that will come out of the self imposed restricted funds that are coming due in the next three months. Those funds were given through general funds during the good years when people were giving more. Still discussions to be had about whether or not those congregational funds will actually require a congregational votes.
In similar ways, you have to find a way to finance the addition renovations that you want to make in your own home. The church process has taught you the importance of getting bids from two or three contractors. The council has to go through the bidding process because of the issues of transparency. For your own home, the bidding process can help you make the best decision. The process for fixing things at your home has also, in turn, helped you explain some of the work that needs to be done at church. When your front door at your house starts to have cracks, for example, do you fix it or let it go and pay for the extra heating and cooling costs? Most of us at home will fix the door as soon as possible, and you are able to use this reasoning when all of the doors at church needed to be replaced.

Commercial and Home Remodeling Contractors Offer Many Different Kinds of Services

Whether you are thinking about redesigning the signs in front of your church or replacing the siding on your home, it is important to follow the same careful processes. A sign in front of church can make the property look more current and clean, and new siding on a home can do the same for a residential property. When another area church installs a new lighted sign with electricity it can encourage your church to do the same. This is also true of our homes. When one neighbor updates the exterior of a home, we are more tempted to do the same.

Over the past five years, the remodeling industry in America has grown by 6.4% and reached revenue of $99 billion in the year 2018. And while many of these renovations are interior projects, the fact of the matter is that exterior projects are popular as well. In fact, 58% of home owners indicate that they planned to spend money to make their homes a little more comfortable and cozy in the the year 2018.

Both addition renovations inside your home and exterior renovations on any property can add to the value of those spaces.

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