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4 Reasons to Consider Owning Blackout Blinds

Many homeowners are working updating their interior window coverings. In fact, statistics show that anywhere between 150-225 interior residential window coverings are shipped throughout the United States each year. Certain homeowners find themselves needing to completely block out light from certain rooms in their respective homes. If you’re needing something different from drapes or valances, you might consider blinds made to block out light. With that in mind, here are four situations where blackout blinds are extremely beneficial.

  1. Those Working Night Shifts

    While many of us might working the day, this isn’t the case for everyone. Many people working throughout the night. Therefore, this means that they will need to sleep during the day. If you’re a night shift worker, you’ll definitely enjoy owning blackout blinds. These blinds maintain what is known as a 0% rating. This means that blackout blinds block out 100% of the light from entering your home.
  2. Great for Young Children’s Rooms

    Many new parents find themselves losing sleep while caring for their babies. However, you might be able to minimize those early mornings by having blackout blinds. These blinds help ensure that your young child remains asleep after you’ve put them into bed. This likely means that you’ll be able to obtain more sleep during the early morning hours.
  3. Blocking Out External Lighting

    Valances and curtains help add style to any room. However, you might find that you’re dealing with bright lights near the outside of your home. This situation is common for people living in or near large cities. These areas tend to be in close proximity to commercial buildings. In turn, you might find yourself needing a way to block out lights from bright billboards. Blackout blinds provide an easy solution that will ensure bright outside lighting doesn’t leak into your room.
  4. Avoiding Glare in Movie Rooms

    Certain homeowners spend a lot of time and money creating cinema rooms. These rooms often include a large projection screen and plenty of comfortable seats. Unfortunately, nothing can ruin a movie faster than dealing with screen glare. In addition, constant light leakage makes it hard to feel like you’re in an actual cinema. Therefore, many people find that blackout blinds are must have items for their cinema rooms.

To summarize, there are many beneficial reasons to purchase blackout blinds. It’s recommended that you consider replacing your window treatments every seven to eight years. If your renovation goals are to keep light out, you’ll want to consider purchasing blackout blinds. Unlike valances or drapes, blackout blinds allow absolutely no light to make its way inside. Considering that, blackout blinds are beneficial for many people to have installed throughout their homes.

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