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3 Reasons You Should be Contacting Siding Contractors Today

Siding colors

Did you know that worn, old siding can ultimately lead to a loss of 10% of your home?s value when it comes time to sell? Not surprisingly, appearances matter — and the outside of your house is the first thing prospective buyers see. Regardless of how well kept the interior is or how pruned your landscaping is, worn out siding gives the impression that the home is going to be a ?fixer upper? and this can be a hard first impression to dispel.

There?s more than one reason to contact siding contractors today about taking a look at your siding. Let?s review.

1. They Last a Long Time

If you?re painting your composite siding, you can expect the paint to last, on average, 15 to 20 years. About 15% of homes use composite siding — it?s more economical than hardwood but still looks quite beautiful. If you?d rather never worry about paint, go for vinyl siding this time. Not only can it last an incredible 40 years, but it also requires minimal maintenance. You?ll never need to paint it — at most you may need to spray off grime and dust with a hose ever once in a while.

2. Most of the Cost is Recouped

You may not like the idea of sinking several hundreds of dollars into a home you plan on moving out of in the next 5 years. However, as noted, siding can have a real impact on how easy it is to sell your home — and how much you can get for it. Experts estimate that replacing and/or updating your siding with vinyl has an 82% return on investment. Not only will you make your money back, but it?s also worth considering that you?ll likely sell your home faster. If you?d rather not wait eight months for someone to bite with an offer while you have to worry about balancing two mortgages at once, then this is a logical decision for you and your family. Remodeling services can ultimately help you manage your life more easily, once the time comes.

3. Siding Colors are Diverse

Have you gotten bored of seeing your grey home everyday? By replacing your siding, you can finally update the color of your home and give it a fresh new look. Whether you?re painting a composite surface or adding vinyl siding, there are numerous color options available to you. Now?s the time to add a bit of spark to your home — right? And Siding contractors will be happy to give you advice as well about how these colors might fade over time. Just don’t invest in hot pink siding options — you’ll likely regret it sooner rather than later, and it’s a hard sell for home buyers!

There you have it — there are numerous reasons you may want to contact siding contractors and invest in new siding. What are your thoughts on updating your home?

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