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2021 Kitchen And Bathroom Design Trends

People are putting a lot of work into their kitchens and bathrooms, making them look great as well as perform well. One of the trends is to have fixtures that don’t look like they are built-in. This features less cabinetry and other built-in storage. Having a large island is another important trend. The island is a great place to spend time, eat, and do projects.

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Touchless faucets are great to have in both kitchens and bathrooms, and they don’t easily spread germs between people. Having a lot of storage in the kitchen is a trend that may have been inspired by having to hoard toilet paper last year.

Many kitchen remodeling contractors are also installing statement hoods in the kitchen. These have a dramatic look and definitely make a statement. Using slabs of stone in the kitchen instead of having tile makes it easier to clean and can be cleaner than having germy grout in between tiles. People are also adding a lot of color to their kitchens this year. They are becoming less neutral and are having colors that have long been absent in the kitchen. Matte finishes and wide drains are hot right now in the latest bathroom designs.

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