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Month: March 2019

An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Expensive Wood Bamboo Flooring For The Green Homeowner

How often do you think about your flooring options? If the answer is, “Not much.”…then it’s time to keep reading! Good flooring can seem little more than clean carpet, but the fact of the matter is quite different. Not only should you be taking into account your interior design, but eco-friendly and personal health benefits….

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Taking A Much Closer Look At The Care And Keeping Of Your Plumbing And Saving Money By Doing It

Caring for your home is a must for any home owner out there, this is simply a fact that the vast majority of people are well aware of. However, the care and keeping of the home is often more extensive than many people realize. For instance, matters of plumbing and septic systems must also be…

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Why ICFs Are a Favorite Green Buildng Material

When it comes to green design and energy efficient homes, the future is already here. Architects and builders are redefining home design to provide better insulation and better ventilation, which make homes more comfortable and healthier. And they’re relying on an building material that has been around since the 1960s. One of the most useful…

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Renovate Your Home to Boost Your Home’s Value

For homeowners, there are a number of reasons and benefits when it comes to deciding where or not to undertake a home remodeling project. Not only do home upgrades often boost the overall value of a home, but they can go a long way towards ensuring a home continues to stand for many years. For…

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Protective Screens For Pools and Porches

Landscaping is the act of modifying the contents of one’s front or back yard, and landscaping can take many forms. Some homeowners plant trees or shrubs, for example, or they might even star their own flower garden or vegetable patch. Or landscaping can involve something more man-made, such as a swimming pool, a wooden deck,…

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