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Baby on the go? Baby proof your home!

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Handyman nyc
There is an entirely new world of products and services that you need once your baby begins his or her first steps. Baby proofing in 2013 involves a lot more than gated stairways and child proofed cabinets. In fact, there are hidden dangers lurking in every corner of your home; some dangers so seemingly innocuous even the most diligent eye could overlook them. The first step to baby proofing is to assess what needs to be done, and then decide when you should talk to the experts like a handyman nyc. The average baby starts crawling at eight months of age, which means you should assess your homes level of baby preparedness sooner rather than later. Before contacting a handyman nyc or professional baby proofer, you can find a thorough checklist on many different websites that cover most potential dangers that you could unintentionally overlook. These checklists can be pretty comprehensive and include checking the hot water temperature on your faucets or measuring the length of the cords on your bedroom blinds. Once the dangers are identified and assessed, if any of your adjustments are not an easy fix (meaning you can not buy a simple gadget at your local baby supply store), hire a handyman nyc, long island handyman, or long island home improvement expert to fine tune your baby proofing measures. Again, a handyman nyc or baby proofer long island may be your best bet for adjustments that require a hammer, nails, and a bit of brawn.

Remodeling Can Be a Better Investment for Homeowners

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Kitchen remodeling maryland
Bathroom remodeling can help keep your home’s value from going down the toilet. Many people are looking to make home improvements rather than selling their homes and buying new ones. It’s a stand many people are taking in the current housing market, with remodeling activity seeing a jump since 2011. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the Remodeling Market Index climbed to 50 during the third quarter of 2012, which represents an increase from 45 in the previous quarter. And home improvement spending could result in growth by double digits by July of 2013 according to Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. Projects such as cabinet refacing, home improvement baltimore, kitchen remodeling baltimore, and bathroom remodeling can make a huge difference to current homeowners. Besides the investment aspect, practical issues can also drive remodeling as they always have. Homeowners who are interested in kitchen remodeling in baltimore may find companies to help them out with a variety of projects. One key figure shows that better kitchen functionality is a major factor to 37 percent of homeowners who want to remodel their kitchens. Safety can also be a major driver for remodeling. After the age of 65, bathroom injuries increase dramatically due to problems with balance, movement and vision. Some seniors find a walk in bath can help avoid any safety concerns. So they should find companies who do bathroom remodeling in baltimore. Companies who do bathroom remodeling in Baltimore can provide the range of services homeowners are looking for. When looking for a contractor, consider if they cover a range of services or have specialties that they focus on. If a contractor becomes a trusted resource for you in one part of your home, why not use them again for another area needing improvement. Or perhaps you have a wide range of remodeling you want to do at once. Find someone you trust for one project, see what they can do. If they fit the bill for bathroom remodeling, give them another enhancement to work on. See this link for more:

Jackson Hole Commercial Real Estate

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Jackson hole real estate market
The Grand Teton is a well known mountain near Jackson Hole Wyoming. Bill Briggs was the first person to ski down its impressive 13,722 foot slope. He accomplished this feet in 1971 and was inducted in to the National Ski Hall of fame for it in April 2009. Lots of people have been coming to Jackson Hole to enjoy skiing vacations ever since. There are some really nice Jackson hole homes for sale in the area. If you are rich and well off, you can even find some of the most gorgeous Jackson Hole luxury homes for sale. If you are a real estate investor you can invest in Jackson Hole commercial real estate and expect to get a good return. A lot of new businesses are moving into the area and business owners are looking for Jackson Hole commercial real estate today. Sandra Bullock and Dick Cheney, as well as Harrison Ford, all own Jackson Hole luxury real estate. If you love the wide open spaces with gorgeous views of the mountains, with lots of wild animals roaming around you will love living in this area. It is really worth it to take a look at the different Jackson Hole ranches for sale if you are a rancher too. Any of the Jackson hole realtors will be happy to show you around. However, if you want to bring in a new business to this region you should take your time and find the right Jackson Hole real estate for your type of business. For instance, the Jackson Hole mountain resort is at the 6,311 foot level. It has the lowest elevation for a mountain ski resort. There are some listings for Jackson Hole commercial real estate in that area to look at. Actually, it is bets to contact a local realtor and have them keep you informed on what is available by way of Jackson Hole commercial real estate. Going to a realtor website will give you access to information on Jackson Hole commercial real estate. You can always email the realtor about Jackson Hole commercial real estate too. People can also search the multiple real estate listings for Jackson Hole commercial real estate as well. When you are looking for Jackson Hole commercial real estate you are going to come across some interesting facts. For one, Jackson Hole commercial real estate is going to be close to the National Elk Refuge in Jackson Wyoming. Continue reading here.

An opportunity for reimbursement from Uncle Sam

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Moving in the military
Moving is never easy, and military moving is no exception. That is why the dity move program was created. It is a program designed to help ease the stresses of a military move with a cash reimbursement opportunity. The dity program, or a dity move (do it yourself move) is a voluntary government program that reimburses a military service person if they handle their own move or hire their own movers. Although not typically recommended for overseas relocation (due to the complexities of moving and living abroad), a military dity move (also known as a personally procured move) is a great way to help remove a portion of the financial burden of a move while putting a few extra dollars into your pocket. Let us take a look at how a dity move works with a dity move calculator: military and service members can get up to 100 percent reimbursement of the Government Constructive Cost if they hire their own movers, or a payment of 95 percent of the Government Constructive Cost if you move yourself. This means that in a dity move the government picks up the entire tab if you arrange your own moving company, or alternatively, the government pays you, the service member, 95 percent of the military move of what it would pay a mover to move you. Sounds like a win win!

How to Help Eliminate Polluted Storm Water Drainage

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Stormwater runoff is unfiltered water that reaches streams, lakes, and oceans by means of flowing across impervious surfaces such as roads, parking lots, drive ways, and roofs. Naturally, rain water would dissolve into the ground, however this process is destroyed when buildings, roads, and parking lots cover the ground. Instead, rain runs into storm drains and streams, without being filtered, often picking up pollutants along the way. Monitoring of fresh water sites in California conducted between 2001 and 2010 found that over 50 percent of collection sites showed some degree of toxicity or pollution harmful to fish or other aquatic life. It wasn’t until 1990, in response to the Clean Water Act of 1987, that the federal government began requiring effective storm water controls on development, in an effort to cut back on pollutants. Catch basins and curb inlets often provide the first opportunity to trap pollutants from stormwater runoff, making them a popular choice among commercial developers for stormwater management. According to a University of California study, catch filters, or catch basin inserts, were able to remove 81.6 percent of lead and 54.3 percent of copper out of the water that passed through them. Other solutions for stormwater runoff or stormwater pollution include a drop inlet spillway, which is a mechanical system that lowers water through a box or pipe structure, keeping it from coming into contact with impervious surfaces. Finally, to reduce storm drainage, retain natural ground cover whenever possible in order to cut down on polluted stormwater drainage. Stabilize areas of bare soil with vegetation as soon as possible after grading, and plant more trees and shrubs. They capture and hold a lot of rain before it reaches the ground. Wherever possible, keep existing trees and bushes and plant more. Whatever you choose to do to help with stormwater runoff, stormwater treatment is a step toward pollution management, and greener practices. Whether it is to plant more trees, or to use a catch basin, any bit of effort helps.