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Basement Remodels Are Coming Back Why You Should Turn Your Basement Into An Entertainment Room

When’s the last time you took a good, hard look at your basement?

Out of sight, out of mind…this wisdom follows us all throughout our lives, particularly when it comes to our basement design. You shove a few boxes of furniture in there, turn off the lights and only venture down when you’re wondering where that family photo album disappeared to. Your basement, however, has a lot of potential to be one of your favorite areas of the house. Today’s home improvement contractor is seeing more basement finishing project requests than ever.

Here are just a few ideas you can mull over in 2018 when you’re wondering what your next great home renovation project could be.

Did You Know?

Basements aren’t just a place to store all your leftover junk anymore. They’re a beloved part of the home that can provide endless hours of entertainment and relaxation, particularly when the weather gets cold and the backyard or front porch isn’t an option. A recent set of surveys conducted by the National Association Of Home Builders found finished basements to be some of the most popular renovation projects these past two decades. Whether it’s adding basement finishing touches on an already finished model or adding an interior home addition like new furniture or an improved carpet, there’s a lot of hidden potential just waiting to be unearthed.

Create A Home Entertainment Room

Do you love to watch movies, binge on your favorite shows and play videogames? Perhaps you a home entertainment system will be the project you’re looking for. The basement is a popular choice for people who love to relax and unwind in a quiet space all their own, decorating every last inch to their heart’s desire and having everything in the right space. A 2016 Houzz and Home survey found one-quarter of all custom built homes having a gaming and entertainment room. For those that aren’t crazy about gaming, but still want to have a space to relax…

Create A Sports And Entertainment Room

If your tastes run more along the lines of enjoying a few rounds of pool or watching the game with your friends, you can always try to create a sports and entertainment room in the comfort of your own home. Basement finishing is a wonderful way of improving your house’s ROI while giving you endless opportunities for fond memories. According to data provided by Home Advisor, the average basement remodel can have an impressive 70% return on the investment. The same Houzz and Home Survey also saw two-thirds of homeowners favoring a recreational area in their custom home.

Create A Cleaner, More Organized Basement

For those that already have a part of the house sectioned off for sports and gaming, consider renovating your basement to just have an easier time storing your things. A major hassle for any homeowner is attempting to store camping equipment, extra furniture and spare knick-knacks in an area covered in cobwebs and mold. Basement finishing is a useful interior home addition with a lot of mileage. According to the United States Census Bureau, over 388,000 had a two-car garage. Many, however, use this garage to store extra items rather than a spare car.

The Benefits Of Basement Remodeling

Let’s see how a basement finishing project can perk up your house this year. You’ll enjoy a higher ROI for when you’re ready to sell the house, whether it’s in a year or five years from now. You’ll have a space dedicated solely to enjoying the Super Bowl or gaming late at night on your rare time off. Better yet, you’ll have an easier time organizing your house with all the spare room. A recent survey found two-thirds of all respondents stating they actively plan on renovating soon.

Next time you’re considering hiring a deck cover contractor, take another look at your basement. You may just have a hidden gem.

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