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6 Weird Things Found in the Trash By Waste Management Service People

Waste management services personnel have a pretty boring and sometimes gross job. After all the average person can generate up to four pounds of trash each and every day and 600 times their weight in a lifetime, and garbage pick up personnel are responsible for picking it up. Alongside your trash on the curb, you can only imagine that there are some other somewhat weird things which make their way onto the curb to be picked up. Read below to see some of the weirder things collected on daily routes of garbage collection.

Bag of What?

One garbage pickup man was going along his normal daily route and grabbing garbage and throwing it on the truck. He comes to a load of bags and grabs them, tosses them in and continues on his way. In the midst of collecting garbage, he hears a soft crying noise that startles him. He investigates and finds a bag with 5 small puppies in the bag. Yes he saved them and called the cops so that the dogs could be taken to a pet rescue facility.

You Want a What?

Submitted from another garbage pickup man, two times in his career they have been asked to do something a little crazy. They were asked to unload the entire truck and spread the contents out on the ground. What was being searched for was a body. Out of the two times that this was asked of them a body was found only once. He decided not to look and agrees that he made the right choice.

Coins Coins and More Coins

One garbage pickup person found something that made him very happy. While collecting trash a bag full of arcade coins was found. This was a few years ago when arcade coins were pretty standardized and pretty much all the same. This meant one incredible weekend for one waste removal worker.

Just One Time?

One waste management worker wasn’t too fond of his job, but it paid off while he was in school. Some days were better than others, but most days he just worked until it was time to go home. Although there wasn’t ever anything of value that he found during his time of working there, there was one single thing he will never forget. One human finger. Yes one human finger was found in the trash. Although the rest of the story would be something interesting he never pursued the meaning behind the finger.

This Job Blows!

Ever had to drag yourself to a job that you were bored to death with day after day after day? That is how one waste management worker felt, until one day he was subtly reminded that things could always be worse. An old detonated grenade was found in the trash. While many may thing this is no big deal, it was a pretty big deal to these garbage pickupn workers. The entire plant was immediately shut down while the bomb squad came to investigate and check.

Drugs are Bad

We are all aware of this, however things can get worse in a hurry. Police were watching a house suspected of cooking meth and had the home’s owner on edge. The decided he was going to trash some of the evidence. The problem was when he trashed them, he kept them together so that when smashed by the truck the hopper caught on fire. It was an intense fire that scared all of the workers. Thankfully no one was injured, and despite some evidence going up in flames, police were still able to arrest the home owner.

The next time that you throw something in the trash, remember that a real person will be collecting it. Don’t throw away anything that you would not want to touch yourself. And the next time you see garbage pickup personnel in your neighborhood smile and wave that them. Not only do they help keep the streets clean by removing garbage, but as you can see sometimes they have to deal with some questionable items.

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